• Which Car Speakers Are Best for Rock Music

    If a person listens to primarily rock music, several different varieties of car speakers are available.

    Infinity KAPPA PERFECT 5.1

    The first brand of speakers that other rockers would recommend is the Infinity KAPPA PERFECT 5.1. While a bit more on the expensive side, the system is definitely worth the money. The system is a 2-way component system with a peak output of 400 watts. The KAPPA PERFECT 5.1 features a meticulous outboard crossover to perfectly divide frequencies and allows the user to adjust the tweeter level for maximum performance. The sound provides the listener with a clarity that may have be unknown to them previously. The manufacturer recommends the installation of a 2-way amp. With the right sound set-up, these speakers can make the music sound like the listener is listening to music live.

    Focal 165K2

    Another option for the hard-rocker is the Focal 165K2. The 165K2 supplies the listener with excellent mid-range accuracy and detail. The speakers provide great sound at both low and high volumes. The construction of the speakers provides flush mounting options for the tweeter. Also, the speakers can provide the listener with a new level of listening experience. The Focal 165K2 is a bit on the expensive side, however, for a true listening experience, the consumer could save for the speakers instead of buying cheaper speakers the might be dissatisfied with.

    Alpine SPS-170A

    The Alpine SPS-170A coaxial speaker is another option for a consumer who wants to rock. The speaker may be the best solution for the consumer who desires speakers that are cheap and easy to install, yet provide amazing sound. The installation is as easy as removing a door panel, disconnecting the old speakers, and connecting the new speakers. The speaker comes with a swivel tweeter that allows the user to direct the frequencies where desired. The sound that comes from the coaxial speaker is clear. Alpine has produced a great speaker for under $100 retail. Any of the speakers will provide the buyer with great sound.