• Where to Wire Car Equalizers without Placing Them in the Dash

    Not all car equalizers are designed to fit into the dash of your car. Equalizer installation in the car dash requires a specialty dash kit and even a cutting of the dash to compensate. It is much easier to mount one in another location in the vehicle.

    When installing a remote car equalizer there are three rules to consider before you begin. A car equalizer should be easily accessible, stable, and between the stereo head unit and the amplifier.

    The very nature of a car equalizer requires it to be within easy reach. Placing it in the back seat or the trunk would not really be a good idea because of the need to make adjustments as needed. It really is not that convenient to pull the car off the road every time you need to fiddle with the frequency knobs. The best place to mount it could be under the dash below the stereo head unit where you can reach it. There are special kits available for under dash equalizer installation. You also need to check where you can wire the car equalizer properly. For this purpose as well, under the dash is a good place.

    Doing the Job

    The car equalizer has a job to do; it regulates the frequencies coming from the head unit to the amplifier. It has to be wired from the head unit to the equalizer, and then out to the amplifier. Therefore, it should be mounted somewhere between the two. For the best sound quality it should be mounted as close to the head unit as possible.

    A Stable Car Equalizer

    The bumps and sways from a vehicle can upset even the best adjusted car equalizer settings. Mounting the unit to the floorboard can make the problem even worse. To counteract the effects the road may have on your settings, it’s better to mount the car equalizer in a way that cushions it a little. Mounting it under the dash or building a small platform for it is preferable to mounting it to the metal body of the vehicle.