• Where to Find Discount GPS Systems

    Discount GPS systems can be found in a number of places ranging from your local supercenter to some other unexpected places.  The following list will help you find the best deal on a quality GPS, possibly where you might least expect to find one.

    • Find a Sale. Grab a newspaper on a Sunday. It’s usually thicker because it’s packed full of sale ads from places like Target, Radio Shack and Best Buy. It is a safe bet that at least one of the major retailers will have a GPS on sale.
    • Check Online. Do some research and narrow down your choices. Once a few units have been decided upon, use a major search engine to find the lowest price on the models that you are interested in.
    • Look for a Refurbished Unit. Factory refurbished GPS devices carry a limited manufacturers warranty and are generally significantly cheaper than their brand new counterparts.
    • Shop on eBay or Craigslist. Like most major electronic items, GPS technology is rapidly evolving, which means people are constantly upgrading. Finding a gently used GPS is a breeze on eBay or craigslist.
    • Talk to Your Friend with the New Car. Integrated GPS units are becoming very common in new vehicles. If you have a friend or family member that recently purchased a new car with built-in navigation, they might have an older portable GPS that they are not using.
    • Check Your Pocket. An increasing number of cell phones have GPS functionality built into them. Some carriers will charge a monthly fee for turn-by-turn guidance, but it is generally around $10 a month. To make it even easier, hit eBay and find a vehicle AC vent or windshield mount for your phone and turn on the GPS.

    One word of advice, stick to a major GPS brand if possible. It will be easier to find updated maps in the future, and the resale value will be higher than a no-name counterpart.