• What’s the Best Double Din Car Radio? DVD, Navigation, and Bluetooth Options to Consider

    A double din car radio can be used to boost sound as well as quality. The DIN refers to the head unit and can come as a single din car radio or double din.  This DIN mainly refers to the size as a double DIN will be larger.  If you want to upgrade your head unit then here are double DIN kits available.  However, your car needs to have the space. Double DIN units are usually 2 inches taller than the typical single DIN.


    Double DIN is best for those that want to have a display unit. This is perfect for integrated systems that contain a navigation system. The screens are perfect for those that want to view maps as well as DVD images or games. While this screen is a draw for many people, it will greatly increase the price of the unit.  These units are very easy to use as they have simple controls and interfaces. This is because there is plenty of space for additional controls.

    Bluetooth & GPS

    Most current double DIN systems will come with a type of Bluetooth compatibility. However this Bluetooth will not be compatible with all devices so check what can be used with the system. If you need to get a brand new phone to be Bluetooth compatible then this will add onto the cost. Some of these more advanced stereos even use intelligent design and an iPod connected to the system can completely control the stereo. GPS is quite standard on these vehicles and the systems can easily be upgraded with new maps and even have wireless data upgrades.


    While the double DIN tends to have more features this does not necessarily mean that the sound quality is better. There are single DIN systems that can produce high quality systems.  If you want a double DIN system that produces high quality then look for systems that are known for audio quality. Double DIN systems are known for having additional features which can include some sound production options. Research which head units contain a lot of features and which also provide high quality sound and audio.


    Because these units are bigger and tend to contain more features they will also have higher price tags.  While the cost is high the additional features are worth the investment if you want those features.  If you currently have a double DIN head unit then it is not necessary to go buy a replacement as there are adapters and add ons that can be used. If you only want one additional function, such as GPS, purchasing a navigation system that is compatible may be more cost effective.


    As with any new upgrade, additional upgrades may be necessary. For those that are truly looking for a high quality sound, getting new speakers may be a better upgrade as the ones you have may be limiting the current system. Look at all the components to determine if the head unit needs to be replaced or if additional components should also be replaced and upgraded. The speakers do not affect the navigation functions but are important for audio. If you just want new functions then additional components are not an issue.