• What Tools Are Needed for Tuning a Carburetor

    Tuning a carburetor is a sometimes necessary task that on some vehicles, and motorcycles, will need to be performed on a regular basis. To do the job right will require the use of several tools, most of which are fairly common. Each car or bike is different and you may not require all of these tools, depending on what type of vehicle you own. Each of the following tools you should find useful, though not all of them are required:

    • Several screwdrivers including both Phillips and flatheads. These are primarily adjusting the idle and mixture screws on the carburetor, also called jetting. In order to properly jet a carburetor you will need to properly adjust the amount of air and fuel that is being mixed, which in turn requires the use of the screwdrivers.
    • Small pair of needle nose pliers.
    • Standard pair of needle nose pliers.
    • Can of carburetor cleaner. This is readily available at any auto parts store and you should always have a can on hand, as you will use it often.
    • Tuning gauges. These are not always required depending on the make and model of your car (or motorcycle). They come in three separate types that include a relative-air density gauge (RAD), an air-fuel ratio gauge (AF) and an exhaust-gas temperature gauge (EGT). These gauges are mostly used in conjunction with tuning motorcycle carburetors. Each of these electronic gauges measures a temperature or gas mixture to aid in properly tuning your carburetor. Each is easy to use, though they are not required.