• What Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers Are Known For

    Rockford Fosgate car speakers are manufactured by a brand which believes in itself and in its products. Rockford Fosgate’s tag line is “Car Audio For Fanatics” and how could they know what car fanatics need unless they too are fanatical about their mission. Rockford Fosgate is proud to announce that their name means power, and attitude; that means that when you buy Rockford Fosgate car audio, speakers and accessories you’re getting more than just the product.

    In the 1970s, Jim Fosgate realized that amplifiers and car stereo speakers and systems had to be designed and built in a dramatically different way to those used in the audio systems of our homes. So in 1973, Fosgate released his first Punch EQ amplifier which could run low impedance loads and stereo and mono sounds simultaneouslythese were unique innovations in the car audio industry at the time. In designing and releasing his first amplifier, Fosgate acknowledged that the human ear had the most trouble detecting low frequencies at low volumes and successfully set about putting intensity and impact into the car audio listening experience.

    While many believe that Rockford Fosgate car speakers have dipped in quality since they began being manufactured in China, it pays to remember that Rockford Fosgates are still designed and engineered right here in the United States. Jim Fosgate’s work has also been recognized recently, when he won an Emmy in 2003 for his work in developing surround sound technology for television.

    Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are one of the company’s best known products, perhaps because of their uniquely imposing sizewhich they’re proud to say makes them “bigger than most cars are wide.” Sacrificing all of that trunk space is worth it because the Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are also known for their quality and reliability. Offering 3 ranges, Prime, Punch and Power, also allows Rockford Fosgate car speakers to meet the needs of all of their customers, as you can get a complete component speaker system and all the accessories you need to make it sound its best, from the one trusted manufacturer. Rockford Fosgate allows everyone into their brand, starting at the Prime range which is very affordable, and great quality. When the serious car audio fanatics progress to the Punch and Power ranges they are rewarded with unrivalled sound quality and big, strong subwoofers which you’re confident in pushing to the limit because they are guaranteed to respond.

    Having always sold good quality car audio speakers and systems, Rockford Fosgate will continue to do so. Mitsubishi are also getting behind the brand by using Rockford Fosgate car speakers and systems in their new models. Rockford Fosgate car speakers offer you a respected name, but they also back up that reputation with an excellent fit and finish on all of their products.

    So whether you are simply after a couple of Rockford Fosgate tweeters to give your car stereo speakers a better range, or you are looking for a complete top of the range component car speaker system, the Rockford Fosgate brand is well known for delivering in these areas and is sure to be there when you’re ready to upgrade again.