• What Is a Bluetooth Car Speaker

    Bluetooth car speaker technology is a relatively new development in car audio equipment. It has been available for a couple years in electronic devices like cellular telephones and laptop computers. It’s also a great technology for car electronics. It allows the user to transfer information between two different devices without the use of wires. Bluetooth devices in cars usually fall under two categories.

    A Bluetooth speakerphone allows the user to talk on his/her cellular phone hands free while they are driving. The built-in FM transmitter in your car stereo will detect your mobile phone or communication device as soon as you get into the car. The incoming audio of your calls is then transmitted through your Bluetooth car speakers, and a microphone is mounted in a convenient position inside your vehicle to allow voice activation for making and accepting phone calls while driving.

    This is a good thing to have for safer driving; in many states it is now illegal to drive while using a handheld phone. Bluetooth car speakers also give you control of your car stereo systems with voice commands so you can choose a station or select a CD in your stacker without taking your hands off the wheel.

    A Bluetooth car stereo allows the user to stream media between devices like an iPod, Zune or laptop computer to the car’s stereo system without the use of wires. Imagine being able to play every song on your iPod instantly without the use of annoying wires and connections. Car stereos with this capability used to be pricey and hard to find, but now they are becoming more common and affordable.

    Bluetooth car speakers are incredibly useful for anyone who owns both a mobile phone and a car. Not only do they make using your phone while driving much easier, they can make it a much safer task as well. Bluetooth is a technology which allows two devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. Therefore, in the case of Bluetooth car speaker systems, your mobile phone is able to communicate with the speakers in your vehicle to allow you to hear phone calls and give your phone commands.

    Bluetooth car speakers are not only an investment in the latest technology for your car audio system and mobile phone. Now that you have the facts about Bluetooth car speakers, you can ensure your use of your car stereo and mobile phone is as safe as possible for you, your passengers and other road users.