• What is a 2 Way Car Alarm

    Some car owners who are looking at adding security systems to their cars and trucks may be wanting to know a little more about 2 way car alarm options for increased vehicle protection.

    What is a 2 Way Car Alarm?

    The term two way car alarm refers to an alarm system where a vehicle alarm can communicate information back to a vehicle owner with wireless technology. The two way system includes warnings and alerts for illegal entry or other events.

    What Else is Involved

    A two way car alarm will often include both audio and silent components. Some alarm types also include an engine immobilizer, where the vehicle owner can respond to a theft alert by stopping the engine via remote control. Some modern car alarm systems also send a direct police signal, alerting law enforcement that the car has been stolen and allowing for quicker local precinct response. Some of these newer two way car alarm system types are very effective in preventing theft and providing real security to a vehicle owner who is worried about local crime statistics. Besides the theft deterrent value, these high tech alarm systems give owners multiple ways to put real obstacles in the tracks of thieves. The features provided aid in active recovery to cut down chances of successful auto theft. As a result, car owners who install them can get relief on their vehicle insurance if theft is a component in their policy.

    Look at the range of available two way car alarm systems from companies like Skytek, Universal, Prestige and others for effective crime-stopping and peace of mind regarding your wheels.