• What Audiobahn Car Speakers Are Made For

    Audiobahn car speakers are moderately expensive components that can be a nice, affordable upgrade to your car’s speaker system. Unlike other higher end brands that can run up to $500+ for a single part, Audiobahn tops out around $150, with most individual speakers in the $50 range. Expensive enough to be nice without breaking the bank. If you want to upgrade your car audio with an Audiobahn car stereo system, you should first consider the purpose of each component so you know exactly what to expect.


    The tweeters in a car handle high frequency noises. Audiobahn has some nice 25mm titanium and silk tweeters, but they can be a little bit hard to find. Silk creates a nice, smooth and airy noise for soaring highs, and titanium can handle extremely high frequencies for flawless sound reproduction.


    Subwoofers are what Audiobahn is known for, and their reputation is well deserved. Their signature flame decoration is stylish and recognizable, but more important is the actual quality of the output. The quality does not disappoint, with the ability to handle very high power levels without reducing the depth and richness of sound. It’s generally agreed that Audiobahn subwoofers are an outstanding value for the price.


    If you want to make your entire sound system Audiobahn (which is certainly understandable), you can grab some amplifiers as well. Amplifiers give you customized control over your stereo system. They are fairly complicated and you should do your research before choosing a new one, so click here for more information about picking the right amplifier.

    Audiobahn car speakers are made for offering quality at an exceptional price. While their subwoofers are their signature, the rest of their products deserve recognition as well. If you want to upgrade your sound system for a reasonable investment, the Audiobahn brand is a good choice.