• Understanding the Wiring Color Codes for Delco Car Radio Units and Accessories

    Without knowing which make and model Ford the Delco car radio came out of or is going into, the schematics for a wiring harness can be difficult if not impossible to come by. Below is a brief mention of the basic wiring colors used for car stereo wiring by Ford.

    • Black/Ground
    • Orange/Constant 12 v power
    • Yellow/Switch 12 v
    • Gray/Illumination
    • Brown/Dimmer
    • Pink/Remote-power antenna
    • Tan/Left front speaker power
    • Gray/Left front speaker ground
    • Light green/Right front speaker power
    • Dark green/Right front speaker ground
    • Brown/Left rear speaker rear speaker ground
    • Dark blue/Right rear speaker power
    • Light blue/Right rear speaker ground 


    You need to be very careful when doing car stereo wiring. Because there are two browns and two grays in speaker wire, you must be careful to make sure to use the right colors with the right component of the head unit.

    Other Wires

    Any other wires that are there will be for accessories that are individual to the make and model of the vehicle. If you need more then the bare basic wiring colors, you will need the make and model of the vehicle as well as the model number of the radio.

    Green and White Ground Wire

    If the radio has a green and white ground wire, do not use it for a ground as the wire is for radios that have volume control on the steering wheel, and using the wire as a general ground will cause the speedometer to malfunction.