• Understanding Ohms for Maximizing the Performance of Auto Subwoofers

    Auto subwoofers can be a bit tricky to get peak performance out of. In order to maximize the resistance of your sub woofers so as to gain optimum performance from them, you will require special tools.

    About Ohms

    Ohms is a measurement of electrical resistance. In market, you will find that auto subwoofers come in a couple of different Ohm ranges. This simply means their electrical restistance and sound output differs. These different ranges are used for different purposes.

    The fewer ohms your system has, the more sound it will put out. People are usually looking for two things in high performance car audio systems, those things are

    1. High quality clean and clear sound, which also provides high sound output
    2. A huge loud system


    In order to perform the task, you need to collect the tools required. The process requires you to have a set of screwdrivers, utility knife, soldering iron, wire cutters, wire strippers, needle nose pliers, interior panel removal tool, flash light, electrical tape, ratchet and socket set, drill and bits, caulk, heat shrink tubing, wrenches, wire ties, right angle philips and a glue gun.

    Parallel Wiring

    Now, if you want less Ohms; you need to wire your auto subwoofers in a parallel design rather than series. This simply means that you wire them in a row, rather than in a line. A series wiring will add one of the speaker to the other doubling the amount of ohms.

    If you wired them in parallel they would divide each other in half, so if you have two 4-Ohm speakers, and you want 2-Ohm speakers, you should wire the in parallel wiring structure. This will effectively cut the amount of Ohms in half, making your amplifier work half as hard to deliver the sound.

    When maximizing sub woofers for output you are basically working to squeeze the most auto subwoofer watts out of the speakers that you possibly can, without causing damage to the amplifier, or to the auto subwoofers. It’s a fine balance between what will hurt your system, and what will help it.

    A Few Things to Remember About Maximizing Subwoofer Watts   

    • It can be a bit tricky to maximize auto subwoofer Ohms
    • You will need special tools to do the job
    • Wire the auto subwoofers in parallel wiring structure
    • If you do this you need to make sure that you amp matches your auto subwoofers
    • Above all be very careful about how you do this

    Making your auto subwoofers perform at their maximum capability will make your system thump harder than ever before. But you might want to get the help of a professional to do the job. The professionals will have the necessary tools, and training to do the job right.

    It’s a great thing when you car stereo outperforms all the other stereos on the block. The professionals should always do the process of maximizing auto subwoofer performance, so you don’t damage your auto subwoofers, or amplifier in the process.