• Troubleshooting Common Issues: Bluetooth Car CD Player Facedeck

    Troubleshooting your Bluetooth car CD player is quite easy and knowing how to do it can help you deal with any issues you may have with your device. There are several areas that may come up frequently requiring troubleshooting including:

    Bluetooth Pairing

    Pairing is the actual connection of two Bluetooth devices where they are then able to communicate with each other via Bluetooth connectivity. In case of problems with the pairing to your phone, attempt to pair the player with another Bluetooth device or phone. This will help you establish which of the two has an issue. Also try and operate with reduce distance between the two devices.

    No Disc Error

    The ‘no disc error’ message on your CD player face deck will be caused by a number of reasons. First it may be because the CD you are attempting to play is in a wrong format. Also it could be because of a poor quality CD or a damaged one. A CD recorded at very high speed could also give problems. Try using other good quality, original CDs to see if they will play.

    No Signal

    Due to the ability of these Bluetooth CD players to play from different devices and sources you will occasionally try to listen and get no sound from the speakers with a No signal error message displayed. Ensure that the source you wish to listen from is connected, whether physically or via the Bluetooth connection to remedy this. You can also ensure that you have selected the right option from the source button.