• Comparing the Top-Selling Car Alarm Brands

    There are quite a few brand name car alarms available on the market, from Bulldog do-it-yourself car alarms that are pretty easy to install. To state-of-the-art brand name car alarms like Viper and Python, which the sellers recommend be installed by a professional installer.

    Bulldog Car Alarms

    Bulldog Security makes a line of popular car alarms that are available at a reasonable price and are relatively easy to install. Their model Bulldog 802 alarm is available online for $20, while their model 2030 alarm goes for $79.99, and their model 2010 is $50. Bulldog alarms are certainly the cheapest, but they’re often no more than a novelty device.

    The available models of talking car alarms include the new Bulldog model 2030 do-it-yourself type that’s made in the USA and available for $60. Reviews of this alarm have been pretty good so far and the price and ease of installation make this a great choice.

    Viper Car Alarms

    Viper has both security system with remote start and standalone car alarm systems for purchase. Their Viper 5902 Responder HD Color SuperCode SST Two-Way Security and Remote Start System is $799, but includes state-of-the-art features and technology. The Viper 5601 One-Way SuperCode Security and Remote Start System is their least expensive combination system for $449. Their security systems include the Viper 5002 Responder Two-Way Security System for $419, all the way down to the Viper 350 Plus One-Way Security System for $239.99. Viper car alarms are definitely the most expensive of the car alarms here, but they incorporate technology and intelligent design that’s top notch.

    Clifford Car Alarms

    Clifford Alarms sells both security systems with remote start and standalone security systems. Their security systems with remote start include the Matrix 3.3X for $329.99, down to their Matrix 2.2 for $219.99. Clifford security systems include the Matrix +1 for 129.99, all the way up to the Matrix 12 for $199.99. Clifford car alarms incorporate state-of-the-art technology and are less expensive then Viper models.

    Hornet Car Alarms

    Hornet car alarms include the Hornet 740 for $55, Hornet 742 for $110, Hornet Maxx 1 for $60, and the Hornet 745 for $199. Hornet car alarms are reasonably priced systems that incorporate some of the features of more expensive models, but don’t provide the security of more expensive brand names.

    Avital Car Alarms

    Avital car alarms include the Avital 5303 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Security System for $150, 5103 1-Way Remote Start and Security System for $110, 3300 2-Way LCD Security System for $150, and the 3100 1-Way Security System for $158. Avital car alarms are all in the same price range and provide excellent quality for the money, although they don’t have a lot of models to choose from.

    Ready Remote Car Alarms

    Ready Remote car alarms include the Ready Remote Deluxe Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry and Car Alarm for $199 and First Defense Do-it-Yourself Vehicle Security System for $99.99. Ready Remote’s reasonably priced First Defense system has had good reviews and is easy enough for a novice to install.

    AutoCommand Car Alarms

    AutoCommand car alarms include the Deluxe Two-Way Remote Start with Security System and Keyless Entry for $374.99 and the Deluxe One-Way Remote Car Starter with Security System for $209.99. AutoCommand car alarms are more expensive car alarms with top notch technology and excellent design.

    Automate Car Alarms

    Automate car alarms include the Automate AM9 Two-Way Security System with Remote Start for $211, AM7 Security System with Remote Start for $161, and AM5 Security System for $90. Automate car alarms are relatively inexpensive incorporating both new and older technology