• Tips for Making the Best Subwoofer Boxes to Get Loud Deep Bass

    When making the best subwoofer boxes, careful consideration should be given to the type of materials to be used. This alone will play a crucial part to the bass output of your sub woofer.

    1. Build a Box for Each Sub

    This will ensure more powerful bass reproduction. But the box should be the right size for the sub to make the most out of the assembly. Too big or small a box will harm the audio performance of the entire sound system set up.

    2. Use High Quality Materials

    A subwoofer box should not only be the right size but sturdy as well. This is the reason most audio fanatics insist on using a 5/8″ particle wooden board or fiberboard of medium density. The box will be subject to low frequency vibrations all the time and it helps to have a strong and sturdy subwoofer enclosure.

    3. Seal the Box Well

    Using glue to fill any void spaces in the box will also be detrimental to subwoofer performance. Minor creaks or air pockets in the subwoofer enclosure will result to an annoying, distorted sound.  

    4. Ports

    Every subwoofer enclosure should have built in ports to efficiently channel out air that is caused by the subwoofers vibrations. Think of it as a well designed exhaust system for your engine. PVC is ideal to use as a port for the enclosure but the size would have to be calculated as well for maximum efficiency.

    It is easy to build sealed and ported subwoofer boxes but a professional audio installer should be consulted when in the quest for the best quality bass response in your sound system set up.