• Tips for Getting the Best Bass Performance Out of a 15″ Subwoofer

    There are many different subwoofer sizes by a 15” subwoofer is frequently used in vehicles. Many vehicles will contain a 15-inch subwoofer enclosure for easy installation.The 15-inch refers to the size of the subwoofer. Different sizes will produce different bass sounds. This is a large subwoofer and a SUV subwoofer is frequently used in large vehicles.


    Think about where the subwoofer will go. These 15-inch subwoofers are large and may not fit in the interior of smaller or compact vehicles. This in turn will affect the audio. Look if the subwoofer can be installed in the dash, under the seat or in the door. The wires that run form the subwoofer to the speakers can cause interference so think about placement. In order for the subwoofer to work properly it needs to be in a space with good air flow.

    Phase Control

    Be sure to adjust the phase control once the subwoofer is connected and turned on. This will deal with the delay that happens when the sound goes from the subwoofer to the speakers.Start with the phase control in the normal position or at 0. Sit in the appropriate listening spot and change the phase control until the sound is correct.

    Other Components

    Before you go out and purchase a 15-inch subwoofer make sure that the rest of the audio system can support the subwoofer. The amplifier and speakers will be connected to the subwoofer. Frequently when the subwoofer is upgraded the speakers will need to be upgraded. Before purchasing one check out your current system and see if additional components are needed.