• Motorcycle Dyno-Tuning Tips

    If you want the best engine tune up for your bike, you should consider dyno-tuning. Unless you own a garage or work at one that has the right equipment, you usually won’t be able to dyno tune your bike on your own. Your best option is to take your bike to a garage or shop that has the dynamometer and other equipment needed to do this specialty tuning offers huge dividends in performance and power.

    A good dyno tuning shop can help you to make adjustments to air and fuel settings, timing and other parameters to increase power from your bike. There are a few things you will need to do to get ready for the tune up so this easy guide will show you how to prepare your motorcycle.

    Find a Good Dyno Tune Shop

    First, you’ll need to find a shop that can dyno tune your motorcycle. Not all motorcycle repair shops offer this type of service however finding one in your area is not terribly difficult. Start by asking someone at a local motorcycle dealership or specialty retailer that offers aftermarket components for dirt or racing bikes. You can also search online for shops in your area that they can do the work as well.

    Remove Engine Cover Plates or Other Accessories

    Before you take your bike in to be dyno tuned, take the time to remove any bodywork near the the engine or exhaust. If you own a racing motorcycle, you always want to remove the upper and lower body work as well as body molding that are close to the exhaust. A dynamometer tests a motorcycle’s engine at full throttle for extended periods of time, causing a lot of heat emission from your bike’s engine. Thus, plastic molding or body parts are easily melted.

    Check the Rear Tire

    In order to properly tune your motorcycle, your bike’s rear tire must be in good shape and make good contact with the dynamometer. If your tire has defects or is bald and showing tire plugs, the shop will probably refuse to tune your bike. Although some shops have tires for temporary mounting, this can be quite expensive (up to $100). So make sure your bike’s rear tire is in good condition before going to the tune of shop.

    Check Bike for Other Problems

    Check your motorcycle for other common engine problems that may prevent the shop from testing and tuning your bike. Check for a worn out chain or sprocket, oil and/or major exhaust leaks. Repair any problems before having the vehicle tuned.

    Fill the Motorcycle with Gasoline

    Finally, fill the tank of your motorcycle with gasoline. Dyno tuning your bike may take only a few minutes or it could take up to an hour or two. So, make sure your bike has enough gas so that it doesn’t run out during the tuning.