• The Top 3 Car Bluetooth Systems and Why

    There are many car bluetooth systems available on the market today introduced by many known brands like Sony, Parrot, etc. It can be very confusing to know which one to choose and also which ones are the best systems. Below are top 3 car Bluetooth systems and the reasons why they are considered the best.

    1. Parrot RK8200 Bluetooth System: This Parrot Bluetooth system is an FM Stereo and features connections that allow it to play both digital and analogue music with high quality. It is also a hands free kit. This has an amazing amount of connectors. It has a specific iPod connector and also a port for a USB Flash Drive and USB MP3 player. In regards to the hands free technology, it is one of the latest types you can get. You are able to browse through contacts on the screen and also make calls. As for the screen, it features 144 colors and is over 2 inches in size. The keypad this system uses has a modern look to it and you can access all the main commands via a button that rotates. Above all, the sound is truly exceptional, and you get a great experience.
    2. Sony Bluetooth Audio System MEX-BT3600U: This Sony Bluetooth system is definitely one of the best systems that you can buy for your money. It is packed full of features and up to date with the latest technologies in today’s market. It also has the added convenience of a USB port, and in addition has input from audio and Bluetooth. You can talk hands free, which is great when you are driving and can’t take your hands off the wheel. You are also able to listen to music wireless with this device. You can use your Bluetooth enabled phone in conjunction with this system or your MP3 player. This particular system features unrivaled sound quality and is extremely durable. You can get enormous power from this system. Additionally this features a built in microphone. If you need to control this system, then you can also do that with a remote controller. To add to the security and stop this from being stolen, then there is a front panel that comes on and off.
    3. Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth System: This Bluetooth system is hands free and features a high resolution screen in color and about 2.4 inches in size. It has a wireless remote control that you can place on the steering wheel or on the dashboard of the car. This means that the driver can control all the functions while driving or doing something else with ease. It has a dual microphone, which means when you make calls, the sound is even better and of higher quality. This system has a phonebook that is automatic and keeps call records and contacts on archive. For even easier use the menus and phonebooks are also audible. This particular system also has great music and a cable that you can plug into your iPod or iPhone for example. On the side of the screen is also an SD Card Reader.