• The Most Affordable Car with Bluetooth Capabilities

    Looking for a car with Bluetooth? You don’t have to break the bank to get this convenient new driving feature. In fact, car shoppers who want Bluetooth capabilities in the dash have a lot of options.

    Getting Cheap Cars with Bluetooth

    In past years, Bluetooth connectivity was the exclusive province of luxury sedans and SUVs, but these days, lots of smaller economy cars also carry Bluetooth as a standard or optional feature. Mini vehicles like the Nissan Versa feature this innovative technology. On the low end of the Ford lineup, drivers can get a system called SYNC that is essentially a Bluetooth feature.

    Looking at Bluetooth and Blue Book Value

    Another option for getting Bluetooth connectivity on the cheap is to go back a couple of model years. Back in the earlier 2000s, Bluetooth was getting added to the options packages for some kinds of cars and SUVs. Some of these now have lower blue book values, and if you can find one on your local dealer’s lot, you might be able to get a real deal on a Bluetooth-enabled ride. Getting these kinds of tech features doesn’t require adding them from the factory. It just takes a little local research.

    Be sure to ask local dealerships about how much of their regular inventory includes items like Bluetooth, as well as in-dash navigation, rear DVD entertainment and more great new technology that’s getting marked down every month as newer and more luxurious tech features make their way onto the market.