• How to Compare 10-inch Car Speakers

    One of the most important components of a car audio system nowadays is the subwoofers but before making a decision it’s important to know how to compare your 10-inch car speakers or other size subwoofers in order to make the right purchasing decision. On top of that, you’re not JUST comparing one brand or line of 10-inch speakers to another. You have to make sure that your subwoofers are a good fit for your system, your style and your budget. Here are a couple important comparison points.

    Quality SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Subwoofers

    Sound pressure level subwoofers are typically capable of playing at very loud volumes but tend to sacrifice accuracy when playing more detail-oriented notes of bass. For those who want to purchase a 10-inch speaker specifically to have very loud bass, these would be the best options for you. Kicker L7’s, MTX 9500’s, and Orion HCCA’s are three well-known speakers that have good quality in the SPL spectrum to deliver very loud bass for a price cheaper than most detail-oriented speakers.

    Quality SQ (Sound Quality) Subwoofers

    Sound quality subwoofers are associated with being very musically accurate. This class of speakers produces very accurate and balanced bass at a constant volume for incredible sound. For those who want a good amount of bass reproduction while maintaining clarity, these speakers are a great choice. Alpine Type R, Infinity Perfect and Image Dynamics IDQ are three well-known models that produce accurate sounding bass for great sound quality with any type of music.

    You need to decide where your needs lie in terms of quality— do you listen to rock music or do you prefer hip-hop? Are you an audiophile or would you never know the difference between THX and mono? The highest quality speakers are usually reserved for people with picky taste or those that are going to use the capabilities that premium quality speakers provide.

    Balanced Subwoofers

    Balanced subwoofers are classified as speakers that deliver incredible loudness while still maintaining great sound quality. As one might imagine, these speakers are usually more expensive than others being they deliver the best of both worlds. When it comes to balanced speakers, JL Audio and Alpine are two of the most well-known, top-rated brands available today. JL Audio’s W3, W6, and W7 models are capable of handling tremendous amounts of power while maintaining sound to please the pickiest ear. In car audio, you usually pay for what you get. With that in mind, these 10-inch speaker models are probably going to be more expensive than SPL or SQ subwoofers.


    A lot of the time, this goes hand-in-hand with quality but there are other things to consider— how number of subwoofers, whether to get single or dual voice-coil, type of power handling, etc. Do your homework but don’t be afraid to ask questions; a good car audio shop bears no qualms about explaining to you the facts about your purchase.


    Of course one of the biggest considerations is price. Saving money and still getting a great car stereo is possible but it’s important to remember that skimping on quality to save a couple bucks probably isn’t the best policy. Instead, try shopping during sales at reputable car audio stores and ask a representative to help you find the best deal.

    These days, the car audio market has so many options it is hard to make a choice. Instead of overwhelming yourself, take a look at some of the top brands available to see if what they offer fits your specific taste. Depending on what you want out of your speakers, there are plenty of options available ranging from power to accuracy.