• Your Guide to the Best Pioneer Car Speaker Models

    If you are in the market for getting new car audio speakers, the addition of a Pioneer car speaker or two from Pioneer ranks up among the top brands available. Pioneer designs their speakers to accommodate virtually every taste of music out there. If you’re in the market to obtain some Pioneer stereo speakers and want to get the most out of your money, you’ll want to get a general idea of the best speaker models they offer.


    Pioneer audio offers a full range of sizes, frequency ranges and power ratings for every need. Whether you are looking for that hard to find 4 inch by 6-inch speaker to replace the original one on your dash, or a set of ultra-high end components at a reasonable price, Pioneer makes it. If you’re trying to find the best sounding 5.25-inch speaker to replace the speakers which came in the doors of your car, or you’re looking to replace or add to the 6-inch by 9-inch speakers in your rear deck (behind your rear seats and under the rear glass in sedans), Pioneer has a speaker system that will keep your ears happy.

    Pioneer has a Special Applications line of speakers for those hard to fit or hard to find speakers. If your car’s rear deck comes with non-standard speaker openings, like a 5-inch by 7-inch, you’ll find high quality Pioneer stereo speakers. If your dashboard has 4-inch by 10-inch speakers that don’t sound as nice as you’d like, Pioneer carries a two-way or coaxial speaker, for your needs. Pioneer even offers speaker systems that are fully enclosed and mount on the surface of your back deck, so you don’t have to cut anything to mount them properly.

    Competitive Pricing

    In the car speakers market, Pioneer’s main competitor is Alpine car speakers. While offering a much larger product line, with better feature sets, Pioneer also prices their offerings very competitively, making them more attractive to the entry-level or advanced buyer than their competitors.


    Pioneer’s tweeters are made with a soft-dome design. What this means is crystal clear and accurate sound reproduction. Tweeters are designed with two magnets. One is built into the voice coil and the other is mounted normally, cancelling out magnetic fields that can cause adverse movement of the diaphragm and voice coil. The back chamber is designed to eliminate back-firing sound waves from interrupting or impeding the movement of the diaphragm or voice-coil. These features combine to help provide longer life and truer sound reproduction.

    Instead of building speaker cages from multiple components, Pioneer builds theirs out of single cast aluminum. What this means is no unwanted vibrations or harmonics from loose parts. The aerospace-grade aluminum center is designed to dissipate heat and provides wider bass dispersion.

    Pioneer has a new and revolutionary injection molded matrix cone that is patent-pending. This cone is extremely lightweight, allowing free movement for truer sound reproduction, but also amazingly strong and resists flexing, which is a key to extremely accurate sound reproduction. This cone design uses aramid fibers bonded to fiberglass for strength. Pioneer premiere woofers have more design innovation than their competitors.

    Average/Good Speakers

    For those who want improved sound but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Pioneer offers the G-series Speakers with great technology at an affordable price. These speakers are offered in a wide range of sizes to make fitting them into your car not an issue.

    Not many high quality speaker makers offer direct replacement speaker systems for original equipment manufacturer speakers. The G-series offers a wide range of direct fit Pioneer stereo speakers. There are 4-inch by 6-inch coaxial speakers and 4-inch coaxial speakers to replace the speakers in the dash of your car. With power handling ratings of 20, 25 and 30 watts, these speakers are designed to sound great with the stereo that came with your car.

    Better Speakers

    For those who have slightly above-average expectations of their car audio system, Pioneer offers the A-series Speakers that deliver more power and great reliability without the huge cost commonly associated with speakers alike. A-series Speakers are equipped with up to three tweeters, reinforced woofers, and bigger cones to play at higher frequencies and handle stronger audio signals. The A-series are also available in plenty of sizes to match virtually any vehicle make without custom work.

    For those that want the most out of their car audio system, Pioneer offers the D-series Speakers that deliver component speaker sound in a package and make it easy to install in any vehicle. The D-series Speakers are the world’s first speakers to incorporate Basalt volcanic rock fibers into the cone, making them powerful, solid, and easy to install. These speakers have Pioneer’s Open & Smooth design to balance the output of each part of the speaker to make the sound as realistic as possible. The D-series also has a larger magnet than most typical aftermarket speakers to give you greater performance and control over your car audio system for realistic sound-staging.

    The D-series of Pioneer car speakers offers a wide range of 4, 5.25 and 6.5-inch round and 6-inch by 8-inch oval stereo speakers, in both component and coaxial speaker systems. With frequency ranges from 25 hertz up to 40 KHz and power ratings of 25 to 80 watts, this series compares to the S-series of Alpine car speakers, at a lower price range.

    Best Speakers

    For those who take their car audio to the most serious and demanding levels, Pioneer offers the PRS Series Speakers to bring out the purity of music by focusing primarily on specifics to satisfy even the most detail-oriented ears. The PRS Series Speakers are equipped with Pioneer’s patent-pending IMX cone that is 3-layers, lightweight, and incredibly strong to produce unrivaled mid-range and bass notes. The PRS Series is also equipped with Pioneer’s reference tweeters to deliver amazing high-range sounds. If you’re looking for the most accurate and best-performing speakers, this is Pioneer’s answer to you.

    The PRS line encompasses two different sets of speakers aimed at the purist audiophile. Available in either 5.25-inch or 6.75-inch round, with separate tweeters, this series offers frequency response ranging to 25 hertz to 32 kHz, and average power handling ratings of 30 and 50 watts. This product line compares very favorably to the Alpine Type-X product line, both in audio qualities and prices.

    Whether you are in the market to get the best possible speaker available or a simple upgrade to quickly improve sound quality, Pioneer car audio has speaker solutions to satisfy your needs. Before making a final decision, use these speaker suggestions to help make your search for the perfect speaker easier for you.