• The Best Car Bluetooth Features

    Where Bluetooth started out a few years ago as a luxury on top of the line vehicles, it’s now somewhat standard on many kinds of cars and SUVs, with drivers looking at the best car Bluetooth features available from modern wireless car speaker systems. Besides hands-free Bluetooth driving to help comply with laws on cell phone distraction, there are other nice car Bluetooth features that add to convenience behind the wheel and functionality in your modern vehicle, and it’s worth looking at how a factory-direct system or an aftermarket addition can help you out in various situations.

    Personal Device Connectivity

    Many Bluetooth systems allow hookups for your cell phone, PDA or other personal device. This means portable file storage that you can send to your dashboard easily through neat Bluetooth connections. The combination of a small hand-held device and a reliable wireless connectivity to a vehicle lets drivers carry their music, as well as other files, with them wherever they go.

    Voice-Activated Commands

    Bluetooth systems are famous for voice-activated calling, but some of them also provide voice-activated commands for your stereo system, so that you can crank up the tunes or switch to your favorite tracks without reaching for the dials. This is, to many, one of the most amazing features of this new technology that some vehicle owners are still getting used to.

    Push-Button Technology

    Even without voice-activated commands, a Bluetooth system can make your tech handling easier by routing touchscreen commands to a button near your hands. Steering wheel mounted controls can help with a relay system that lets you avoid fumbling around near the dash for GPS or other controls.

    Digital Screen Display

    Lots of Bluetooth systems have the same kinds of digital displays you would associate with your cell phone. Drivers can identify incoming calls, check messages and more without taking their eyes off the road.

    Calling and Music Synchronization

    A somewhat rarer but very useful feature of car Bluetooth systems is a new “music waiting” technology. With this feature, an incoming  or outgoing call pauses the music that is in play, and when the call is over, your tunes automatically continue. This makes car phone calls a lot more convenient for those who like to have music in their vehicle’s cabin all the time.


    Another useful aspect of car Bluetooth systems is wireless range. Drivers want to be able to have the necessary range to include devices anywhere in the vehicle. It’s also a good idea to look at any issues of compatibility for aftermarket systems.

    Although Bluetooth car systems provide additional convenience, drivers still need to use their best judgment on what affects their attention to the road. Don’t compromise your focus in order to mess around with your car stereo or phone. Set up a Bluetooth system well before venturing out on the highway, and you’ll be making the road a safer place for everyone.