• Choosing the Best 3-inch Car Speakers

    When it comes to car audio speakers, there are plenty of different sizes ranging from 3 inch car speakers to 6.5 inch car speakers and 12-inch car subs. 3 inch car speakers, in the car audio world, most commonly come in a 3.5-inch round speaker size to accommodate most older vehicle models. However, these speakers can also replace dash speakers or be custom-mounted to fit virtually anywhere. Here are some of the highest rated and most well-known speakers available:

    Infinity Kappa 32.9CF:

    Infinity came out with the Kappa 32.9CF 3-inch speaker to allow users to get astounding sound quality. These speakers are available as components, which is not common for such an under-sized speaker. They are made of high quality materials and technologies, allowing for loud sound and good quality. The woofer cones are made from woven-glass fiber that allows them to be virtually distortion-free. Large magnets and longer voice-coils allow for the speakers to deliver more accurate sounds while maintaining cooler operating temperatures. Infinity incorporates their Metal Matrix Diaphragm tweeters, found in their home theater lines of speakers, to deliver incredibly accurate highs. The Kappa series also has computer-optimized outboard crossovers so the proper signals will be sent out to the proper speakers, allowing for high detail and accuracy not commonly found in a 3 inch car speaker.

    JL Audio Evolution C2:

    The JL Audio Evolution series of speakers delivers accurate and highly detailed musical notes while maintaining a great bass output as well. JL Audio outfitted these speakers with polypropylene woofer cones, polyether foam surrounds, and 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters to handle plenty of power while delivering highly accurate and realistic sound to your vehicle. With these small speakers being able to withstand up to 40 watts of power, they are a good 3-inch speaker choice for those trying to get realistic sound in a small package.

    Boston Acoustics S35:

    The Boston Acoustics S series speakers allow for your music to sound as realistic as possible, even at low power levels. This makes these speakers a great choice for virtually any car audio system. The S35 speakers are made with a copolymer woofer cone and rubber surround to handle a good amount of bass without causing any distortion. Boston’s technology includes an Amplitude Modification Device that allows the 0.75-inch soft dome tweeters to receive the amount of high notes they need, so they won’t distort or crack. These 3-inch speakers can withstand up to 60 watts of maximum power, so they can deliver some surprisingly great sound out of such a small car speaker.

    Remember the Low End

    Once you‘ve made your choice of 3-inch car speakers, you need to remember to look into something to reproduce all the extra low frequencies your speakers are missing. This is where subwoofers come into play. Subwoofers, or subs, handle the frequencies from about 100 hertz down to 20 hertz. These are the frequencies that you feel as much as hear. To get the right set for you, you need to go through the same steps you just did for your 3-inch car speakers. Check somewhere reputable for what is available. Look over prices and features for the speakers that are available, remembering the warranty. Go to the stereo store and listen using your favorite music. If you want to save time, you can do this as you are choosing your 3-inch car speakers. You want to pay particular attention to clarity with subwoofers.

    The car audio market these days is made up of hundreds of different choices for car speakers. Rather than overwhelming yourself, start by taking a look at these makes and models.