• Choosing The Best 2-inch Car Speakers

    Changing the 2-inch car speakers in your car and upgrading to new speakers is an easy improvement. Therefore, if you are looking for the best 2-inch car speakers out there today, you need to keep a few key things in mind. After matching the speaker to your system, which consists of considering sensitivity and RMS power handling you want to make sure the size is perfect for your car.

    First, when you are determining which speakers are best for your car, keep in mind sensitivity and power-handling. Sensitivity, also called efficiency, gauges how much sound comes out of the speaker for the power that is applied to it. Most factory systems have low-powered car stereos, so speakers with high sensitivity ratings will be the best choice. If you have a brand-name receiver or an external amplifier, your high-powered system will likely benefit from speakers with a lower sensitivity rating.

    The second aspect to keep in mind is power handling, abbreviated as RMS—how much power or watts a speaker can handle. If your system is a low-powered factory system, you don’t need to select speakers that can handle lots of power. However, if your system is very powerful you need speakers with power-handling that is close to the output of the amps.

    The key thing to remember when discussing power handling is the RMS rating, not the peak power handling. RMS ratings accurately gauge how much power the speaker can handle on a continual basis, not just for the peak time.

    Aside from sensitivity and power-handling, you certainly want to make sure the size is right for your car. Typically, midrange car speakers range from 3.5 to 6.75 inches and replicate middle frequencies. To determine your car speaker size, simply measure the factory speakers in your car. Cars usually have at least two speakers but sometimes four or six depending upon the system.

    Audio-n-more.com listed the top 10 speaker brands as Shallow Mount Speakers, Boston Acoustics, MB Quart, Rockford Fosgate, Alpine, CDT Audio, Focal, Polk, Infinity, JL Audio, JBL and Kicker.

    You can also find car speakers at big box stores in the automotive section for usually pretty good deals. These speakers are not always the top brands but if you pay attention to the RMs and ohms ratings you can find speakers that are compatible to your system. Warehouse stores also stock speaker systems for your car however usually as whole package not individual speakers. A car audio store usually has a great selection of speakers as well as some that can be custom ordered to fit your system. These shops are usually more expensive and may be on the high side of the budget. A great place to go is a big box electronic store. They will give you choice and a variation in price that will benefit your budget.

    Check out local advertisements and rebate programs through newspaper or Internet sites. Also remember that the highest priced speaker does not always guarantee the best quality sound. Buy your 2-inch car speakers in a multi-pack. Purchase them along with other equipment that you need and you can save for buying bundles.

    Knowing some of the best 2-inch car speakers on the market today will help you decide which speakers are best for you. Keep in mind size, sensitivity and power-handling and you will find the best speaker for you.