• The 3 Best Car Radio Cassette Options to Consider

    Many older car stereos still utilize the car radio cassette. If your old stereo is working, there is no point in replacing this. You can still find many cassette options for your stereo. Here are the top 3 options you should consider.

    1. Cassette CD Player

    A car stereo cassette CD player will allow you to listen to your favorite CD’s without upgrading your stereo. These stand alone disc players use a cable that connects to a cassette. The cassette is placed in the car cassette player, and the CD music is transmitted over the radio. Technology has advanced greatly with these, and most now have anti-skip controls to allow you to listen to your music seamlessly even while on the road.

    2. Cassette mp3 Players

    Working in a similar manner to the CD player, an mp3 cassette adapter will allow you to listen to tunes from your mp3 player on your cassette player. Since the mp3’s are files, there is no worry about skipping while driving. An mp3 player will also allow you to store more music than you can on a traditional CD.

    3. Dual Deck Options

    If you aren’t willing to part with your stereo completely, you can add a simple CD player or mp3 connection to the existing stereo. This will involve either installing another basic deck, or at least new cables for connectivity. Many people do this when they still have cassettes they listen to, or they just want to be able to listen to mp3’s without replacing the entire stereo. It can be much cheaper to do this than to replace a perfectly working stereo.