• How Alpine Car Speakers Stand Out From the Crowd

    Alpine car speakers are some of the best speakers available to date. Alpine makes products ranging from navigation and Bluetooth to component speakers and subwoofers. Whether you’re in the market to get an Alpine car cd player or Alpine speakers, there are plenty of options to choose from. All Alpine’s models come with speakers and subwoofers to make matching speakers a much easier task.


    Alpine car speakers have a general reputation for producing exceptionally clear high-quality sound. Many commercial reviews on sites like Crutchfield.com note that Alpine’s use of premium materials is an important factor in the performance of its products. For example, Alpine uses silk in many of its dome-style tweeters. These are the components responsible for producing a speaker’s high frequencies. Many believe Alpine’s dome design and use of silk help its tweeters create its renowned crisp high sounds. By comparison, brands like Kenwood and Pioneer may make more use of thermoplastics like polyetherimide (PEI) for their dome-shaped tweeters. PEI is often well-regarded for its ability to generate accurate sound imaging, a form of sound reproduction often coveted by car audio enthusiasts. Other materials commonly used for speaker tweeters by brands like JL, Pioneer, Kenwood and Infinity include textiles, ceramics and a specialized low-cost rubber known as piezo.

    Centralized Alpine testing centers ensure that Alpine car speakers meet good standards for acoustics, vibration control and more.

    Best Speakers in Class

    The Alpine Type-S series comes in speakers and subwoofers to take the guesswork out of having the perfect matching speaker setup in your vehicle. Type-S speakers come in virtually every size, so you don’t have to worry about fitment issues in any vehicle. These speakers deliver amazing low, mid and high range frequencies at a very low, competitive price for entry level speakers. These speakers handle up to 240 watts of power to complement any car audio system. Type-S subwoofers are incredible subwoofers that won’t take up a tremendous amount of space with their slim design to get great bass in smaller spaces. Available in 10-inch or 12-inch sizes, the Type-S subwoofers deliver up to 900 watts of power with an advanced airflow system to keep your subs cool while delivering loud bass.

    Like the Type-S series, the Alpine Type-R series has both speakers and subwoofers as well. The newly redesigned Type-R speakers have a shallow depth and come in plenty of sizes to fit into virtually every vehicle make and model, while delivering full sound quality. These speakers have a 1-inch swivel ring tweeter, solid cones made from top-coated varnish and special fibers and a high-performance, linear drive motor structure to deliver fantastic sound and high power handling in any system. Type-R subwoofers play loud and clean for as long as you need them to. These subwoofers, designed from HAMR engineering, have a cooler operation, longer speaker life and very accurate bass. Whether you’re looking for a 10-inch subwoofer that handles up to 1500 watts of power or a 15-inch subwoofer that handles up to 2000 watts of power, Alpine Type-R’s will deliver loud and accurate sound to satisfy any of your needs.

    Made in both speakers and subwoofers, the Alpine Type-X series is Alpine’s highest quality setup. These speakers are available in two sizes and deliver the highest quality, award winning sound available from Alpine. With the ultimate audio enthusiast in mind, the Type-X speakers share technologies and exotic materials commonly found in high-end home theaters to deliver unparalleled sound quality and accuracy in almost any vehicle. The Type-X subwoofers offer some of the most accurate and precise bass notes while maintaining cool temperatures, employing the same HAMR tech. They are available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes and deliver up to 3000 watts of power, Alpine’s Type-X subwoofers rank among the top.


    With their frequent use of first-rate materials and innovative and often space-efficient designs, Alpine speakers are somewhat of a costly investment. While still regarded by many car audio experts as a more high-end brand, Alpine, like many of its competitors, expanded its product line to include a range of products offered at various prices. Baseline speakers cost around $50, while two-way products from its Crutchfield Signature line cost upwards of $150. In comparison, Eclipse, Kenwood and Pioneer all offer introductory two-way speakers starting at around $50, while Infinity offers two-way speakers in the popular 6.5-inch size starting at $59. Each of these brands also offer high-performance speakers priced from about $100 and up.


    Alpine is also generally known for making products that last. Many of the brand’s speaker woofers, the part responsible for creating low sounds, are made from pearl mica that is injected into polypropylene cones. The pearl mica mineral helps strengthen the polypropylene, a material regarded for its ability to withstand heat and humidity.

    The injection of the pearl mica helps this thermoplastic improve its sound reliability and clarity. Kenwood injects standard mica into many of its polypropylene woofers. In comparison, Pioneer uses a stiffer injection-molded polypropylene material in the creation of many of its woofers. This may result in an overall sound that is less resonant than those produced by Alpine or Kenwood’s mica injected woofers.

    Although selecting the right car speaker may seem overwhelming, comparing the performance, durability and price of established brands such as Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer may help you find a product that matches your needs and budget.