• Satellite Car Radio: Sirius vs. XM a Buyers Comparison Guide

    This is one of the most convenient technology advancements for radio lovers since satellite car radio allows you to enjoy your favorite radio station no matter how far away you are from home or the station’s coverage. Satellite radio companies continue to report ever increasing membership and this has not been lost on car manufacturers who are fitting the satellite car radio devices on more and more cars. It is possible to buy a car which has the satellite radio devices already installed and you can look out for this next time you are shopping for a car. Some of the special features of satellite radio include, commercial free music, online streaming, major sporting events coverage eg NBA, NHL and  PGA Tour.

    Access to satellite radio requires use of digital radio receivers and will not work with none digital equipment. The leading satellite radio providers XM and Sirius offer almost similar content though XM has 40 channels more than Sirius. Their live sports coverage is also focused on different fields with XM offering Major League Baseball, PGA Tour and NHL as some of its big names, Sirius provides listeners with coverage of NFL, NBA and the English Premier League. Traffic and weather reports are almost similar for both and do come in handy for those who are very mobile. However even with the difference in content, access fees are ideally the same and the choice you have to make is what appeals to your personality more from their lineup.  You can actually listen to both satellite stations from your PC or laptop which is another plus for frequent travelers.

    It is important to note that even though subscription is still to one or the other XM and Sirius are now merged and are now know as Sirius XM Radio. They are in the process of providing their listeners with the option to choose from their combined offers.

    The satellite radio can be installed in your car via several methods of which the option to get a receiver which has a built in satellite tuner is most recommended. There are other methods like the wired Fm modulators or auxiliary input access though these may not guarantee perfect results. To do the installation is not very complicated and can be done by most people, however as in all other technical procedures you should consult a professional in case you are not comfortable with doing this kind of work. For installation purposes your satellite radio will come with a kit that you will use for the process. You will begin by mounting both receiver and antennae, proceed to connect the two by wire which should be well done and hidden. Proceed to connect your radio to the docking cradle and insert into the cigarette lighter for powering. You can then turn the car radio on and tune in to the frequency indicated on the satellite radio. Remember to mount the cradle in a convenient place which should be easy to reach yet does not obstruct.