• RX8 Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

    One of the most popular modifications for the Mazda RX8 is the exhaust.

    The most important thing to remember when looking for an RX8 exhaust or any rotary exhaust is that the car will not sound like any piston-powered car on the road. Because of Mazda’s unique Wankel engine, the exhaust note will be very different than what all other cars will sound like. Some really dislike the way the rotary sounds, some swear by it, so be sure to check out the videos below and listen to the various clips if you are new to rotary engine modification.

    As with a good portion of modern car manufacturers, Mazda did a great job with the RX8 exhaust from the factory. Since this is the case, there are not a whole lot of power gains to be had from simply installing an aftermarket exhaust. Even a few years ago, manufacturers didn’t put much effort into car exhausts and significant gains could be had by installing a more efficient system. This generally isn’t the case today and with a few exceptions, aftermarket exhausts are primarily installed to enhance the feel and sound of the vehicle.

    There are many options available to a person in the market for an aftermarket RX8 exhaust. The most popular option is to install a catback exhaust. A catback system is a muffler or set of mufflers that are attached to a pipe that runs from the catalytic converter to the back of the car. Catbacks are available from a variety of manufacturers, from domestic companies like Magnaflow, to more expensive JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) tuner exhausts.

    Another, less popular option is to have a muffler welded in place of the factory one. While this is the less expensive option, doing this has the drawback of being welded onto the factory exhaust. If the owner decides to put the factory exhaust back on, or go with a different setup, more cuts and more welds need to be made.

    Finding the right sound and attitude for an exhaust is important for many. To make the job of finding the right exhaust easier, feel free to browse the clips below and find the exhaust that best suits your tastes.

    RX8 with a Magnaflow muffler welded in:

    B&B RX8 catback exhaust:

    Racing Beat RX8 catback exhaust:

    HKS Hi-Power Single catback exhaust:

    Borla caback RX8 Exhaust:

    Re amemiya RX8 muffler:

    OBX RX8 catback exhaust:

    Fujitsubo RX8 Catback exhaust: