• Why You Should Choose Rockford Fosgate Over the Competition

    Rockford Fosgate car speakers are a well-known and respected brand in car audio equipment. So what is it that makes Rockford Fosgate car stereo systems so popular and how do they compare to the other major brands?

    How Do the Rockford Fosgate Tweeters Compare?

    The Punch range of Rockford Fosgate speakers offers a 0.75-inch tweeter which is mountable on your dashboard, kick panels or pillars. The Rockford Fosgate tweeter has an RMS of 60 watts and its frequency response is from 4 to 22 kilohertz. When you buy a Rockford Fosgate tweeter, you also get the complete mounting hardware and grilles included, plus a built-in phase plug, to ensure off-axis sonic performance.

    How Do the Rockford Fosgate Speakers Compare?

    The Prime range of car speaker system is for those new to car audio systems. As such, Prime Rockford Fosgate car speakers meet all of your enhanced car audio needs, without stretching your budget for features you don’t need. For example, you will find all Prime speakers come in easily under $100 and in the full range speakers, you have three-way sound with a 0.5-inch tweeter. The frequency response is 48 hertz to 22 kHz and has a 60-watt RMS rating.

    Punch Rockford Fosgate car speakers are the midrange selection but their range and features make them a sound investment. For example, the 6.5-inch, three-way, full range Punch Speaker has a tweeter with built-in crossover, an RMS of 60 watts and a frequency response between 60 hertz and 24 kHz. When you pick up these Punch car speakers from Rockford Fosgate, you will also be getting an adapter plate to meet all your needs.

    The Power range of Rockford Fosgate car speaker systems are a winning combination of the highest quality materials and the most innovative engineering techniques, with the result being high performance speakers which can rock out as hard as you do. The 6.5-inch, two-way, full range speakers in this range have a 1-inch tweeter as well as a built-in tweeter crossover. The Power’s frequency response rate is 55 hertz to 22 kHz and their power rating is 75 watts RMS. They also come with the same adapter plates as the Punch speakers.

    How Do the Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers Compare?

    Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are arguably the best in car audio quality but you will be paying a little more for it compared to other major brands. Again, you choose from the affordable and easy to use Prime range of Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, the Punch amplifiers which have been leading the brand for 25 years with their compact design and the power to reproduce perfect sonic performance or the Power range of amplifiers. The Power range is just as powerful as the Punch amps but is built on a 40 percent smaller chassis. The Power amplifiers remain at the top of the Rockford Fosgate range as their smaller size allows for more efficient heat transfer and means they can be installed underneath car seats to supply them more power.

    Other Major Car Audio Brands

    We’ve outlined the things you should be comparing when looking at buying new car audio speakers. You may also be considering the extensive range of the Blaupunkt car speaker brand, the high quality input and output which can be achieved by Alpine car speakers or perhaps the well-known Pioneer car speaker brand. However, it is important to remember that all Rockford Fosgate speakers are certified energy auditor-compliant and the brand offers comprehensive online support and a world-wide warranty on their products.

    While there are plenty of other car audio speakers you can compare to Rockford Fosgate, it is important to compare them according to the features and performance which is important to you.

    Interest piqued? Well, take some time to develop and plan your next car audio project with Rockford Fosgate in mind.

    Secure Your Budget for Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

    If you are on a tight budget, you may consider buying each component speaker on a piece basis, gradually building up your Rockford Fosgate car audio system. Beware though, Rockford Fosgate tweeters, amplifiers and speakers will sound worse than your standard car stereo speakers a la carte. Instead, buy coaxial speakers which have both mid-range and tweeter capabilities and Rockford Fosgate car speakers which don’t require a more powerful amplifier to handle their increased output.

    Check the Space and Compatibility of Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

    Your car’s owner’s manual should give you details of the sizes, depths and power available for upgraded speakers. If not, you can always ask your Rockford Fosgate salesperson for help.

    If the Rockford Fosgate car speakers you choose don’t fit into the original housing of your stock speakers, you need to alter and upgrade the housings, so make sure to allocate this cost in your budget.

    Ask the Rockford Fosgate Car Speaker Experts

    No one else knows the product as well as the manufacturer, so if you are unsure about the type of speaker housing you have or the complexity of the wiring in your car, follow these steps and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

    Choosing the right Rockford Fosgate car speakers can be easy, and more importantly fun, when you follow a few simple steps. Knowing you’re getting the right product from the beginning will ensure hours and hours of listening enjoyment in the future.