• Get the Facts On Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

    Rockford Fosgate car speakers are, in general, a good quality brand of car audio speakers. However, they do have a few drawbacks which you might consider a deal breaker. It’s important to be well informed before making an investment on them, so you will want to consider both the good and bad qualities of the Rockford Fosgate brand before making a purchase. These pros and cons may help you decide whether or not these sound system components are worth your hard-earned cash.

    Full Audio Systems

    Rockford Fosgate offers a full line of car audio speakers, from component systems to two-way and three-way configurations, in a variety of sizes for most applications. Being a full-service provider, you can request a full installation and pair your speakers with a compatible Rockford Fosgate amplifier to maximize performance.

    Bass Speakers and Woofers

    Bass speakers and woofers are constructed of die cast, vented aluminum or stamped steel frames. Some models are available with shallow frame construction for shallow-mount applications. To reduce cone distortion and piston flex, the cones are reinforced with Kevlar fibers. Compression terminals make wire connections quick. Component bass speakers are offered in sub bass (20 to 100 hertz) and mid bass (100 to 250 hertz) models. Sizes range from 10 to 15 inches.

    Speaker Mounting

    Rockford Fosgate car stereo speakers use a flexible mounting system for easier installation. Versatile mounting plates are designed with original equipment manufacturer specifications in mind. These adapter plates, plus slotted speaker frames, provide additional mounting options such as round speakers in oval cutouts.

    Speaker Enclosures

    Rockford Fosgate markets a full line of enclosures designed for their speakers and their online catalog (http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/downloads/literature.asp) offers a tutorial for building custom enclosures.

    Prime Series

    The Prime Series of Rockford Fosgate car speakers offer a line of coaxial speakers and component bass speakers. The coax models are offered in 5.25, 6.5 and 6-inch by 9-inch sizes, with stamped steel frames and polypropylene cones. The bass speakers are available in both 10 and 12 inch sizes.

    Punch Series

    The Punch Series of car stereo speakers is comprised of component and coaxial speakers, and powered subwoofers. A rubber butyl surround increases the cone area and adds to the coaxial speaker’s efficiency. This series also employs the flexible mounting system making them ideal for most OEM replacement applications.

    The Punch Loaded enclosures provide even more versatility for customizing the installation. These enclosures are available for all Punch subwoofers and are constructed of medium density fiberboard and covered in industrial grade carpeting. Punch Loaded powered subwoofer enclosures are equipped with a woofer and a Rockford Fosgate amplifier housed in ABS plastic. These enclosures also offer the flexibility of vertical and horizontal mounting options.

    Full Service

    Rockford Fosgate sells a complete line of accessories for customizing and maximizing installation success. Wire, brass terminals/connectors and sound deadening material are just a few of the available accessories. The company website http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/home also offers tech support, installation instructions and knowledge base. Rockford Fosgate car speakers can be found at authorized dealers world-wide. Dealers are factory trained in the latest installation techniques and follow-up technical support.


    Rockford Fosgate amplifiers pack a solid punch, with the ability to push speakers to the limit (good, if you’re into that kind of thing). An amplifier from Rockford Fosgate can rattle the car and make the ground throb, while still maintaining nice, rich sound quality.

    The modern, sleek design of Rockford Fosgate speakers and parts make an elegant or at least a clean and minimalistic statement in any vehicle. They may not bear the highly stylized flames of Audiobahn speakers, but they give the buyer nothing to dislike in terms of style.

    Rockford Fosgate speakers are mid-priced – more expensive than Audiobahn but still in the same general price range – with individual speakers usually commanding prices of between $50-$100. Given the quality of the speakers, almost everyone agrees that the value ratio is quite high. In fact, some maintain that Rockford Fosgate offers the absolute highest quality you can hope to find for the given price range.


    As Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are very powerful, they must draw their power from your car’s battery. Pushing an amplifier to its limit can very quickly leech the power from your car.

    Since Rockford Fosgate amps are so powerful, they are likely to overload your sound system. They can easily blow out speakers that aren’t meant to deal with that amount of power, rendering them useless. They can also overheat, causing problems within the amplifier itself. If you get a Rockford Fosgate amplifier, you will need subwoofers of matching or greater quality to handle the power.

    There are problems with Rockford Fosgate amplifiers in that the crossovers sometimes do not quite perform as they should, allowing high notes to seep through even with the low-pass filters adjusted to prevent this. Few amplifier models are stable at 1 ohm, so be sure to do your research prior to choosing a model.

    Rockford Fosgate products are generally average priced and high quality, which makes them a popular pick for those who want to upgrade their sound systems. If you get a Rockford Fosgate amplifier, be aware that you will need to dish out more money for quality subwoofers and plan accordingly. A better idea may be to get a different brand of amplifier and simply get a great speaker system from Rockford Fosgate.

    So whether you are simply after a couple of Rockford Fosgate tweeters to give your car stereo speakers a better range or you are looking for a complete top of the range component car speaker system, the Rockford Fosgate brand is well known for delivering in these areas and is sure to be there when you’re ready to upgrade again.