• Pros and Cons of Car Bluetooth Mp3 Systems

    A Bluetooth car MP3 is not an uncommon feature in many car stereos available today. This attribute allows for the transmission, connection and reception setup which integrates your car stereo and Bluetooth MP3 system. A car stereo with this feature will also support use of a Bluetooth enabled phone with the system. Car Bluetooth MP3 systems have many advantages and have brought great benefit and luxury to your driving experience. Even so, it also has its downsides.


    • Hassle Free: Hands free operation which allows you to access and manipulate your MP3 player and phone. It allows you to legally speak on your phone while driving so you don’t miss any call, and yet you don’t break any laws. The Bluetooth MP3 system will automatically switch off music when there is an incoming call on your mobile phone.
    • Ease of Use: Bluetooth setup has no cables or wires and thus is a clean and neat setup.
    • Easy to Install: It is easy to install and reconfigure to work with different MP3 players or other devices as may be needed.


    • Unsecure: Security of data and devices using Bluetooth is poor. Someone could easily send a virus to your equipment or access data from your equipment using the Bluetooth connection.
    • Poor Backup: Bluetooth devices will also consume your car battery power much faster than other devices.
    • Expensive: Bluetooth prices are quite high and the accessories that go with the systems are also very costly.