• Pros and Cons of Buying a 2 Way Car Alarm

    Car owners who want to provide extra security for a car left on the street, in a driveway or garage, may be looking at a 2 way car alarm for providing extra protection. These kind of electronic alarm choices can be good for some vehicle owners, but for others, they may not be worthwhile. Here are some of the pros and cons of going with two way car alarm models.


    • Remote Operation – One of the great aspects of a two way car alarm is that often, the driver can receive instant alerts on a LCD device or other remote control when something happens to a vehicle. With the two-way technology in these keyless entry alarms or other models, the driver can take action, also by remote control, that may help in recovering the vehicle. Some two way car alarms have engine immobilizers which can be very effective in stopping thieves in their tracks.
    • Affordable Aftermarket Choices – There are many aftermarket car alarms on the market for different household budgets. There’s a good chance that one of them will match with what car owners are looking for in a security setup.
    • Insurance Rates – These alarm systems have the potential to help in getting lower insurance rates, if they are proven to be effective anti-theft devices or theft deterrents. Ask insurer reps about how two way car alarm choices may bring down your insurance premiums for a vehicle.


    • Effective Alternatives – One of the big questions that a car owner must ask themselves when looking at two way car alarms is whether this is the tier of security they are looking for. Car owners can go cheaper with steering wheel locks and other simple theft deterrents, or they can go higher range, with GPS tracking technology and other new devices that are almost certain to recover stolen vehicles. Buyers should think about which general kind of security they are looking for, and decide if the two way car alarm represents the best option.
    • Clunky Technology – The specific setups of some two way car alarm systems can be very confusing and a nuisance for car owners. Poor access codes setups or keyless entry systems can cause a headache for some drivers. Take a look before buying to make sure the car alarm setup is compatible with your security philosophy, and that the product is user-friendly enough to make it part of your life behind the wheel.
    • Matching Buyer Desirability – Because of the wide range of products out there, it may be hard to find the two way car alarms that will provide great resale value for a vehicle, simply because the current owner can never know whether new products will become obsolete, and what buyers will be wanting when it’s time to resell the vehicle.

    These are some simple things to keep in mind when looking at two way car alarms. Consider all of your options for a security upgrade to a car or truck that came without factory-direct security applications.