• Popular mp3 Car Radio Converter Options for Playing Digital Media

    With so many new formats in music and video available, more of us are putting our collections onto some form of mass storage device for playback, and using a car radio converter to enjoy different formats. This trend is great for those who enjoy wearing headphones and do not mind the limitations. However, for those who wish to listen or watch their collection while driving their cars with the full capabilities of a car audio system will need some form of car radio converter to allow it.

    Although many new car manufacturers are installing iPod docks and head units with multi-media capabilities in newer vehicles, for those without the means to purchase a new car, it may be a bit more difficult to listen to a mass media player in the car. There are however, a few choices that can allow you to enjoy your mp3, mp4, and avi formatted media with your vehicles sound system. The following are few options which can act as mp3 converter.

    • Aftermarket Car Stereo: One way is to purchase and install an aftermarket car stereo. Almost all the aftermarket units made during the last few years have multimedia format. Some of these newer units even have a small video screen built in for the playback of movies. This option however, can be expensive. A good aftermarket car stereo head unit can run between $200 and $30,000.
    • Car Stereo Kits: The next choice is car stereo kits. One such kit utilizes a cassette tape like item for those who still have a cassette player. The part that looks like a cassette tape goes into the cassette player and a wire leads to a CD, DVD, or mp3 player.
    • FM Transmitter: Last but not least in the car stereo converter choice list, is an item called an FM transmitter. These simple and inexpensive devices allow you to utilize the car stereo for playback from your iPod or other multimedia device. The music quality will not be as good as either the radio or the portable player, but it will work. FM transmitters are also used as iPod car stereo adapter.