• Pioneer Car Speakers Vs. Their Competitors

    Pioneer car speakers are traditionally not considered a typical audiophile speaker system. But with recent advancements in technology, Pioneer is beginning to produce speaker systems and component speakers that rival those of their competitors. The Pioneer Premier lines of car stereo speakers offer something for everyone. Pioneer currently offers five product series:

    • The PRS Component speaker
    • The D-Series Component speakers systems
    • The A-Series of component and 2 and 3-way speaker systems
    • The G-Series of high quality OEM replacement speakers
    • The Special Applications series

    The PRS Component Speaker line

    The PRS line encompasses two different sets of speakers aimed at the purist audiophile. Available in either 5.25-inch or 6.75-inch round, with separate tweeters, this series offers frequency response ranging to 25Hz to 32KHz, and average power handling ratings of 30 and 50 watts. This product line compares very favorably to the Alpine Type-X product line, both in audio qualities and prices.

    The D-Series Component Speakers

    The D-Series of Pioneer car speakers offers a wide range of 4, 5.25 and 6.5-inch round and 6 by 8-inch oval stereo speakers, in both component and coaxial (2-way) speaker systems. With frequency ranges from 25Hz up to 40KHz and power ratings of 25 to 80 watts, this series compares to the S-Series of Alpine car speakers, at a lower price range.

    The Pioneer Premier A-Series

    The A-Series of Pioneer car stereo speakers use a unique, patented basalt-Aramid speaker cone for durability and quality reproduction. This series come in a wide range of sizes for every application from dash-mounted 4 by 6-inch coaxial to 6.75-inch round door panel components. With power ratings of 15 to 80 watts and response ranges of 30Hz to 37 KHz, the A-Series is in the same class as the Alpine R-Series, with better overall frequency response and lower prices. The A-series also offers more choices.

    G-Series OEM Replacement speakers

    Not many high quality speaker makers offer direct replacement speaker systems for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) speakers.  The G-Series offers a wide range of direct fit Pioneer stereo speakers. There are 4-inch by 6-inch coaxial speakers and 4-inch coaxial speakers to replace the speakers in the dash of your car. With power handling ratings of 20, 25 and 30 watts, these speakers are designed to sound great with the stereo that came with your car.

    Special Application Series

    The Special Application series of Pioneer stereo speakers are designed for those areas or applications where the normal designs of speakers will not allow them to be used. Examples are:

    • Surface mount applications with no panel cutting
    • Surround Sound Center channel applications
    • Special sizes
    • Places where depth is limited
    • Higher power handling capability in the high range

    This line of speakers from Pioneer car audio is designed for high quality, durability and great sound quality in a special application. Pioneer is one of the few makers of high end car stereo speakers that make these types listed above.

    When you compare features, specifications and prices, we think you will choose Pioneer car speakers from Pioneer Audio. In the price range, you will not find specifications that compare.