• How to Use a Bluetooth Car Adapter

    Hands-free technology is becoming indispensable, so knowing how to use a Bluetooth car adapter will prove very handy. If you live in a state with laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving, being able to communicate using a Bluetooth adapter is the answer to your dilemma, especially if you do not have a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle. Bluetooth is a wireless technology which allows various devices to communicate with each other. Installing and using a Bluetooth adapter is simple.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • Cell phone: Bluetooth-enabled
    • Wireless phone owner’s manual
    • Bluetooth car kit

    Step 1: Purchase a Bluetooth Car Kit

    Make sure to check your vehicle to see whether it’s Bluetooth enabled. Most vehicles manufactured since 2004 are Bluetooth supported. If your vehicle is not Bluetooth enabled, then purchase a kit from a variety of companies that offer accessory devices. You must keep in mind that some manufacturers of Bluetooth car kits require that the device be installed by a professional and if not, then the warranty may be voided.

    Step 2: Install the Bluetooth Car kit

    Follow the instructions included with the adapter for installation in your particular car stereo system. Properly position the microphone. You must take care in installing the Bluetooth microphone. It is recommended that the microphone be mounted about 16 inches away from your face. If it is positioned too close to your mouth, your voice can be distorted; if it’s too far away, the receiver may not be able to hear you, in turn making communicating difficult. Make sure that the Bluetooth device is within easy reach. Find a position for placement of the microphone somewhere on the headliner or the rearview mirror. Some vehicles have overhead compartments for sunglasses and such, and positioning the microphone near this would work fine.

    Step 3: Inspect Setup

    Make sure that the Bluetooth car kit does not interfere with your use of the rearview mirror, accessing any controls on the steering wheel or gearshift, and that it does not interfere with the operation of the airbag. Remember, the whole point of installing a hands-free unit is to promote safety, so you must ensure that the device does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle.

    Step 4: Pair the Two Devices

    Now you must pair your wireless phone with the adapter. Pairing involves connecting Bluetooth devices, thereby enabling them to communicate with each other. Go into your wireless phone’s settings menu and select “Search for New Devices.” At this point, your phone will display a list of Bluetooth devices within its range. A list will appear and you should scan the list for your vehicle’s adapter. When you are prompted, enter the pairing code into your phone. This code can be found in the owner’s manual for the phone.

    Now that you have set up the Bluetooth devices, you can use a wireless phone hands-free.