• How to Replace an Old Factory Car Radio with New Aftermarket Stereo

    The factory car radio is okay and fine but for most people today, fine just doesn’t do it. Most of the factory car radios do not have very many features and are very basic. USB ports, iPod interface, amplifier, remote control, DVD, and CD are just a few of the features not found on many factory car radios; hence the need for most to upgrade with a new car stereo. In terms of price, design, and features on new car stereos, you will have a lot to choose from. The options from the standard car radio to the top of range stereos is so wide it sometimes seems like they should not be in the same category.

    1. Shop Around

    With such a range of options it is very important that you get the best deal on your purchase. As you shop for the radio remember to look out for accessories that will go with it such as wiring, mountings, speakers, tweeters, clips, harness adapters, etc. Also ensure that when you chose a car stereo it can actually fit in the slot you have to avoid unnecessary adjustment costs. You could also check out the internet for available bargains.

    2. Fitting

    Once you have made your purchase and have your tools ready, begin by disconnecting the car battery. This is the most important safety step when doing any electrical work on your car. Always remember this. You will then carefully remove the factory car radio, most cars will have a guide on how to do this. The factory radio will have a number of wires connected at the back you need to be able to identify them according to purpose and separate them as such. These will include antennae, power, speaker, amplifier or any other wires that might be in use. Most of these wires can be reused with the new car stereo unless there are additions for extra speakers, tweeters and others. Have the new car stereo in its mounting and fit in the dash panel after you have connected the wires and or the wire harness. Once in the dash panel test the stereo to ensure it is working properly and then screw it in place.

    3. Settings

    With your new car stereo you have a great variety of settings to enjoy. It will most likely take you sometime to discover them all and which ones work best for you but with the handy manuals provided you can in a short while enjoy your new car stereo a great deal in the manner the best suits you. Most of these will have all manner of setting from time to satellite radio options.

    Remember to inform your insurance company once you have replaced your factory car radio so that they can adjust this on your insurance documents. Also make sure to get a warranty on the car stereo you buy and remember to get your fitting done by a professional incase you are not qualified to do it.