• How to Modify Cars for Auto X

    Most cars for auto x are cars that are driven every day, to and from work and for pleasure. Modifications for most classes of cars for auto x are not allowed to be too wild. In certain classes, no modification is allowed, in other classes, only certain modifications are allowed. Modifications allowed for most amateur classes with cars that are driven every day are mostly in safety and driver comfort, as well as other minor upgrades. Some of the permissible upgrades, are listed below.


    Ideal cars for auto x don’t have the huge, massively powerful engines you find in road racers or dragsters. The engines found in auto x cars have been modified to deliver maximum acceleration and torque through the lower and mid range rpm ranges. Rarely is an auto x car’s engine run at full throttle for long.  Auto x engines need to be able to deliver snappy throttle response and impressive acceleration.  Here’s how to modify the engine of your car:

    1. Purchase and install performance oil and air filters. K&N is recommended.
    2. An intake manifold that will give increased throttle response and acceleration.
    3. Headers that will give increased throttle response and acceleration.
    4. Use a high performance synthetic oil to allow your engine to spin up faster.
    5. Include high performance spark plugs and wires.


    Cars for auto x aren’t allowed huge modifications to their suspensions. Permissible modifications include adding stiffer shocks, struts and coil springs front and rear, installing larger sway, or anti-roll bars in the front, and adding one in the rear when there is none. Also, increasing braking efficiency with cross drilled and vented rotors and high performance ceramic brake pads. Here are some suspension modifications you can make for auto x:

    1. Increase the size of your brake rotors for increased braking power. Buy cross drilled and vented rotors to increase heat dissipation.
    2. Purchase and install stiffer racing gas shocks and struts.
    3. For the advanced classes, you can purchase and install thicker anti sway bars and use polyurethane bushings to improve handling.
    4. The advanced classes also allow the replacement of bushings with performance polyurethane bushings.


    The ideal tire for auto x is wide and short. A wide tire gives more contact patch area, giving greater control over handling and braking. You should buy and install the widest and shortest tires that will fit on your car.

    Other Modifications

    In auto x racing, there isn’t much leeway for other types of modifications. However, some of the classes will permit the replacement of the front seats with ones that are more comfortable. With the twists and turns involved in auto x, it’s a good idea to have a seat that fits well and holds you snugly in place. Racing harnesses and fire suppression systems are also legal modifications.

    Above are a few areas of your car which will need modification in order to compete in auto x races.