• How to Install Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

    Rockford Fosgate car speakers are an exciting investment in your car audio systems and to allow you more money to spend on your speaker components, you may be considering installing your new car stereo speakers yourself. With the right tools and these simple steps you should be able to install your new Rockford Fosgate tweeter, car stereo speakers and Rockford Fosgate amplifier in an afternoon, providing you have checked your components’ compatibility with your vehicle, and the available space.

    Before any car stereo speaker installations, make sure you disconnect the negative battery terminal in your vehicle to protect yourself, your car’s wiring and your new Rockford Fosgate car speakers.

    How to Install Rockford Fosgate Tweeters

    1. You’ll need: screwdriver, needle nose pliers, masking tape, small drill bit, hole saw, sandpaper, wire strippers and a crimping kit.
    2. To install both your Rockford Fosgate tweeters and car speakers you will need to remove the front door panel to expose the wiring. You can use your screwdriver to pop out the door handle assembly and unscrew the harness holding the window locks to free the assembly.
    3. Work the door handle out by running the screwdriver around the edges until it is free.
    4. Locate the plastic interior clip and pull it out with the pliers.
    5. The door panel should then pull up and out easily. Be careful not to break off any clips as you pull.
    6. Remove the triangles from each door where you intend to mount your Rockford Fosgate tweeters.
    7. Cover each with masking tape and mark a cross where you want the centre of the tweeter.
    8. Drill a pilot hole into the centre of the cross, and then use the correctly sized hole saw to drill a mounting hole. Remember if you have chosen to angle-flush mount your Rockford Fosgate tweeters for better directional acoustics you will need to drill a hole big enough for the entire tweeter cup to fit through.
    9. Remove the masking tape and file the hole until smooth.
    10. Press your Rockford Fosgate tweeters into the hole and replace the triangles on the doors.
    11. Connect the tweeters’ wiring to the crossover wiring.

    How to Install Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

    1. While you have your door panels off, unscrew and unclip the stock speakers in your door panels.
    2. If your car speakers connect to wiring, splice the wires and connect your new speakers with the tools and parts in your crimping kit.
    3. If your car speakers attach using adapters, you only need attach and plug in your compatible Rockford Fosgate adapters.
    4. Screw in the adapter ring and slide the speaker wiring onto the speaker and mount it to the bracket with the screws.
    5.  You can now put all the parts of your door panels back on in reverse order.

    How to Install a Rockford Fosgate Amplifier

    1. Choose a location in your vehicle which will allow for enough ventilation for your Rockford Fosgate amplifier. Under the seats or in the trunk are good options for most cars.
    2. Make sure you have bought an amplifier wiring kit as your Rockford Fosgate amplifier will not come with the necessary power and audio connections.
    3. Run the main power cable from the battery to the amplifier by connecting the supplied ring terminal to the positive battery terminal, making sure the fuse is not connected in the attached fuse holder. You can now attach the longer cable and run that to your amplifier.
    4. Find a place where your car’s wiring already crosses the firewall between the engine and the interior and feed the power cable through. Now remove the door seals and trim panels on one side of the car and run the wiring under the carpet to your Rockford Fosgate amplifier.
    5. Remove your receiver from the dash board and connect the signal cables. When running these cables to your amplifier, run them on the opposite side of the car to the power cable; the amplifier’s power cable emits electrical noise which can be picked up and amplified by the signal cable.
    6. You can now run your signal cable under the trim panels and carpet to your amplifier.
    7. To ground your Rockford Fosgate amplifier, attach the short grounding lead from your amplifier to the chassis or frame of your car. If there is a nearby bolt you can attach the lead using a ring terminal from your amplifier kit.
    8. You’ll now need to run your wiring from your amplifier to your Rockford Fosgate car speakers, using a good quality wire for the best sound from your car stereo speakers.
    9.  You can now install the fuse at the battery and reconnect the negative battery terminal.

    Your Rockford Fosgate car speaker installation is now complete and you can enjoy the improved impact and volume in your car audio speakers achieved with your new Rockford Fosgate amplifier, and the new range and detail from your Rockford Fosgate tweeters. If there is any part of the installation you are unsure of, ask your Rockford Fosgate sales representative for more advice or assistance.