• How To Install Pyle Car Speakers

    Buying a new set of Pyle car speakers is a fantastic way to increase the sound quality in your car. Learning how to install them yourself you will save you a bundle of money. Pyle car speakers are similar to most car speakers and must be installed correctly to ensure optimum functioning of your audio speakers. Ask the supplier for an installation price at the time of purchase to allow you to make an informed decision if you choose to go that route.

    Step 1: Choose the correct car speakers

    The first step is to choose appropriate and good quality speakers to fit your car and that will enhance your listening pleasure. Read several Pyle car speaker reviews to learn which is best for your car and your requirements. There are many sizes on the market. Be sure to purchase the speakers in the correct size.

    Step 2: Preparing for installation

    Installing Pyle car speakers should not be too difficult assuming the new car speakers are the same size. Installing Pyle marine speakers follow the same routine with a slightly different method, as marine speakers have added difficulty of waterproofing. After checking out the components and your car, if you are concerned about the installation you can always ask a professional to install them for you.

    Step 3: Remove the Old Door Car Speakers

    The first step is to remove the old car speakers from your vehicle. If your current speakers are not in the car door panel you can simply remove the grille, unplug the wire harness and pop out the factory speaker.

    If your speakers are in the door, you need to remove the door panel with a screwdriver. Push the panel back near the window crank. Behind the crank you will see a spring. Simply push the spring off with the screwdriver. Remove the armrest, and unscrew all the screws. Pull the panel out from the bottom up and lift up. Now remove the speakers as described above.

    Speakers that have been installed in the ceiling or floor may be more difficult to install. If this is your experience, you might reconsider the professional installer of your choice or with the retailer where you made your purchase.

    Step 4: Install the New Pyle Speakers

    Attach your new wire harness to the new speakers according to the correct polarity. Negative black (n/-) to negative and positive red (p/+) to positive. Plug the other end of the wiring into the old wire harness and check that each wire is attached correctly. Put the speaker in and very carefully reattach the grille and door panel if required.

    With the installation behind you, you can now share the enhanced quality of your new Pyle audio system for your passengers and friends. As you enjoy this high quality, you may choose to add to those Pyle car speakers based on encouraging reviews.