• How to Install JBL Car Speakers

    Now that you have a great set of JBL Car Speakers, it is time to install them. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you get them installed properly.

    Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Safety Gear.

    You need to have the proper tools to install your car audio properly. The most commonly needed tools are screwdrivers, both flat and Phillips, wire cutters, wire strippers and electrical tape. Most of these tools can be inexpensively purchased at any hardware store if you do not own them already. If your new car audio is not the exact the same size as the one you are replacing you may also need a mounting kit.

    It is also recommended that you wear eye protection and make sure your car audio is off. As added protection, remove the negative lead from your car’s battery.

    Step 2: Remove Your Old Equipment

    If you have old car audio equipment, you need to remove that first. Each automobile has its own instructions for removing old equipment. You will need to remove any paneling that holds the speakers in. Check your manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this (some panels require unscrewing, while others simply pop out). Remove any screws or bolts that are holding the current speaker in. Gently pull out the old equipment and unplug the wires from the car. Set the old equipment aside.

    There are several things you can do with your old equipment if it is still working. Try selling the old car audio online on a site such as eBay or to a local car audio retailer. If the equipment is not working, you should be able to recycle it at any local technology recycling center.

    Step 3: Place New JBL Car Speakers in Your Car

    Your new JBL speakers should fit right into the area where the old equipment was. Make sure the speakers are turned properly and then attach the wires to the cars wires. Gently slide the speaker into the housing unit and replace the bolts or screws. If your speakers do not match the old size exactly, check with the manufacturer or a car audio retailer to see if there are mounting kits available to ensure a proper fit.

    Step 4: Test

    Test your equipment before putting the auto paneling back on. If there are any problems, you don’t want to go through the step of taking the paneling back off again. Play audio in your car, making sure to test both speakers individually using your stereo’s left/right or front/back controls to ensure they are all working properly.

    Step 5: Replace Paneling/Casing

    Once you know the speakers are working, replace your car paneling over the speaker casing. Make sure all screws are tightened and the paneling is put back in place properly to avoid any rattling or shaking down the line.

    Now that you have your JBL car speakers installed, you can start to enjoy the great sound they provide and the money you saved installing them yourself.