• How To Install Audiobahn Car Speakers

    Before you buy any type of Audiobahn car speakers, check the speaker’s compatibility to your vehicle with the sales staff or the owner’s manual of your car. At this time you can also ask the experts about any other accessories necessary for your music enjoyment, like upgraded amplifiers or more complex head units. Once you have everything you need, you’re ready to install your new Audiobahn car speakers.

    Tools You Need to Install Audiobahn Car Speakers

    1.    Flat head screwdriver.
    2.    Phillips head screwdriver.
    3.    Needle nosed pliers.

    You may need:
    1.    Door panel removal tool.
    2.    Wire crimping kit.
    3.    Solder and heat shrink tubing.

    How to Install Audiobahn Car Speakers in Your Door Panel and Rear Deck

    1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal in your car to protect yourself, and the car’s electronics from shorting out while you’re working.
    2. If your car has a speaker grille which pops in and out, you have easy access to your stock speakers. Start from the bottom left corner of the grille and use your screwdriver to remove (if so, now go to point 8).
    3. If your speaker grille does not pop out you’ll have to take off the entire door panel.
    4. To remove the door panel of the car, use your flat head screwdriver to pop out the door handle assembly and unscrew the harness holding the window locks. This will free the assembly.
    5. Run your screwdriver around the door handle to work it out. Your door handle may be screwed in, so you will need to unscrew it at this point.
    6. Look for the small plastic interior clip on the inside of the door, it looks like a small flat disc. Pull the clip out with your pliers.
    7. Pull the entire door panel straight up, and towards yourself. This should only require a minimal amount of force so be careful not to break any clips. You may also want to use a specialized door panel removal tool to prise off the panel.
    8. Unscrew and unclip the original speakers from their harness.
    9. If your car’s wiring system uses harness adapters instead of wiring, Audiobahn will have provided you with the adapters you need to install your new car speakers (if so, go to point 11).
    10. If your car speakers connect to wiring, you will need to splice the wires to connect the new speakers. Audiobahn can also supply you with a crimping kit, and the tools and parts to make these connections. Alternatively you can solder the wires to protect your connections using heat shrink tubing.
    11. Screw in the adapter ring and slide the speaker wiring onto the speaker, and mount it to the bracket with the screws supplied.
    12. Put all of the parts of your door panel back on in reverse order.
    13. To install your rear speakers, remove the rear deck lid and unscrew the original speakers using the same process above.
    14. Clip on the new speakers’ adapters and screw in the new speakers.
    15. Replace your rear deck lid.
    16. Reconnect your car battery.

    With a little expert advice and a simple process, you can easily install your new speakers.