• How to Install an Audiovox Car Alarm

    Installing an Audiovox car alarm is relatively easy and you can save time and money by doing it yourself. Audiovox has a variety of different car alarms and specific installation requirements for each model can vary, so using an installation manual is imperative.

    Things You Need to Keep in Mind

    If the vehicle you’re installing your Audiovox car alarm in has a manual transmission and your Audiovox car alarm is a remote start model, you need to put in a magnetic switch. Otherwise you could have trouble with the remote start feature of your Audiovox car alarm.

    You’ll need to know what kind of locking system your car uses and what color of wire you need to connect to in order to interface the lock/unlock feature of your Audiovox car alarm. You should also check on how to hook up the relay for the door lock feature, how to access the factory door triggers and the color of the wire that connects to the starter disable feature.


    You’re going to need the following: wire strippers, electrical tape, crimps, multi-meter/voltmeter, needle-nose pliers, test light, a drill, tie wraps, a soldering gun/solder and double-sided mounting tape.

    We’ll be using the Audiovox AARS 20CS Remote Start and Security System for our example installation. If you’re installing in a diesel vehicle, consult the dealer to find out what kind of ignition system your vehicle has.

    Mount the control module inside the passenger compartment up behind the dash. Don’t plug the six-pin main power harness or the multi-pin input/output harness into the control module until all the connections have been made.

    Mount the siren in the engine compartment in a location that isn’t accessible from the bottom of the vehicle. Make sure it isn’t within the reach of hot or moving engine parts, and that the flared end of the siren is pointed down.

    Mount the hood and trunk pin switches in locations where water will not drain onto them, and on a grounded metal surface. Switches must be set up to allow the hood or trunk door to depress them at least 0.25 inches when they close, in order for the switches to work.

    Install the LED light on the dash or in a highly visible area to provide a visible deterrent. The light should be easily visible from the driver’s seat and from outside the car. Install the range extender antenna under the belt line of the dash for best reception.

    Install the valet/program/manual override switch in a location that’s accessible. You don’t need to hide this component, but you should conceal it.

    Mount the control switch in a location that’s most accessible for you. The lower dash panel, kick panel, or glove box works well.

    Mount the shock sensor in a central location with a solid mounting surface that will allow the sensor to operate consistently.

    Install the starter inhibit relay in a location within 12 inches of the ignition switch’s low current start solenoid wire. Secure the relay to existing harness using a cable tie around the relay’s wiring harness.

    Arm your Audiovox car alarm using the instructions provided, and test all of the features included to make sure everything is working as designed.