• How to Install a DEI Car Alarm

    DEI car alarms are sold under the original DEI car alarm brand names of Viper and Python. They also market Clifford, Avital, Astroflex, Automate, Autostar, and Ready Remote brand names, each offering a number of remote start and security system combination units and security car alarm system options. It is recommended by DEI that their brand name car alarms be installed by their own registered retailers, but you can save time and save money by doing the work yourself.

    Things You Will Need

    You’ll need a digital multimeter, drill and 1/4 inch drill bit, Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, wire strippers, electrical tape, crimping tool, soldering iron, safety glasses and a pair of pliers.

    The Installation

    We’ll be using a Ready Remote model 24927 as our test example for this installation. This model of car alarm comes with a video installation manual.

    Step 1 – The Ground Wire

    Attach the black ground wire to the metal pin located next to the fuse for the light flash jumper.

    Step 2 – The 12 Volt Power Wire

    Locate the wire in the ignition harness inside the bottom dash panel that reads a constant 12 volts. Connect the two pink heavy gauge 12-volt wires originating in the control module to this wire.

    Step 3 – The Ignition Wire

    Find the ignition wire and connect the heavy gauge blue wire to this wire.

    Step 4 – The Accessory Wire

    Locate the accessory wire and connect this wire to the heavy gauge white wire.

    Step 5 – The Starter Wire

    Take the starter wire and connect it to the heavy gauge thick yellow wires.

    Step 6 – Factory Alarm/Disarm Wire

    Take the factory alarm/disarm wire and connect it to the brown/white wire in the 6-pin wire harness.

    Step 7 – The Parking Light wire

    Take the parking light wire and connect it to the small yellow wire in the 6-pin harness.

    Step 8 – The Brake Wire

    Connect the brake wire to the small orange wire in the 6-pin harness.

    Step 9 – The Hood Pin

    Connect the hood pin wire and attach it to the violet wire in the 6-pin harness.

    Step 10 – Door Lock Connections

    Interface the master switch for the door locks into the car alarm system as shown in the installation manual diagrams.

    Step 11 – Tach Wire

    Connect the tach wire to the green wire in the 8-pin harness

    You can now arm your Ready Remote car alarm and test all of its features.