• Properly Installing a Clifford Car Alarm

    You’ve just purchased a new Clifford car alarm and you want to save money with a DIY installation. Your problem is that the consumer manual supplied with your alarm doesn’t have any car alarm installation instructions. This guide will help you save time by providing the wiring information for this alarm.

    The first step in installing a Clifford car alarm is to decide where to put the control module and shock sensor. Under the passenger seat or the dash is a good place for the control module. No matter where you mount the shock sensor, make sure it is protected from water and mounted to something that is extremely rigid and connected to either the frame or the body.

    The trunk is also an acceptable mounting location, just make sure they are either securely screwed or bolted to something solid when you finish. Any wiring that goes through holes in metal should have rubber grommets to protect the wires from chafing and causing short-circuits. Your horn/siren should be mounted with the open end pointing down to allow water to drain.

    Wherever a relay is required, see the instructions for the location of each of the pin numbers. Once all connections have been made and secured, the power lead may be connected to source and the system tested. For all programmable features, see your owner’s manual. Programming remotes and the control module is beyond the scope of this guide.

    As long as you follow the instructions in this guide, your Clifford car alarm system will give you years of protection and peace of mind.