• How to Install a Car Radio Harness for Auto Stereo Installation

    A car radio harness makes it easy for you to install your audio receiver. This harness makes the connection from the receiver to the speakers of the car extremely easy. You can even find a car radio kit with a radio harness that snaps onto the speakers and wiring.

    Tools and Materials

    • Crimping tool
    • Screwdriver (flathead)
    • Wire strippers
    • Blue butt connectors

    Step 1: Remove the Car Stereo

    Remove the existing car stereo so you can access the wiring harness. Most car stereo kits or car audio systems can be bought with a wiring harness that can fit to most vehicles.

    Step 2: Remove the Bezel

    Once you have removed the car stereo to get to the wiring harness, remove the dash bezel as well. Make sure that you remove and pull this gently away from the dashboard. It is generally secured by pressure clips so make sure you do not break the bezel.

    Step 3: Unclip the Harness

    After pulling the bezel away from the dashboard, you can now completely take out the car stereo. Make sure that you take out the car stereo system carefully since it is secure in place by clips. Once the audio deck or head unit is out from the dash, just unclip the wiring harness from the back.

    Step 4: Connecting the Stereo to the Harness

    Place the stereo in a work bench or flat surface sturdy enough to hold the unit. You will notice that the car radio harness and the car stereo wiring harness has the same wire colors. Typically, a car stereo head unit wiring harness is common throughout the auto industry and is suitable to all car brands so you will not have any difficulty identifying wires. Use the wire stripper to take out at most ¼ inch of the wire to get to the copper wire.

    Step 5: Crimp the Blue Butt Connectors

    Take the wiring harness that mounts to the factory harness and using your crimping tools, crimp the blue butt connectors to the end of each wire. Most units are properly labeled so you will also have no difficulty in identifying which wire to use.

    Step 6: Pair the Same Colored Wires

    Pair the same colored wires from both harnesses and crimp them together. The yellow wire is for constant power, black is for the ground while red is the wire for the ignition. You may also find an orange and white wire for illumination, blue and white for amp remote while the plain blue wire is for the antenna remote. Other colored wires are for the different speakers with violet for the right rear, grey for right front and white for left front.

    Step 7: Connecting the Harness to the Car Stereo

    After you have successfully crimped the same colored wires together, you are now ready to put the car stereo system back into the dash. To do this, clip one end into the harness from the factory harness and the other to the stereo’s harness. Put the bezel back into place and secure it properly. You can now put the stereo back into the dashboard.