• How Infinity Car Speakers Stand Out From the Crowd

    Car owners who want an upgrade for their rides may be wondering about which kinds of car speakers are most reliable, and Infinity car speakers are one of those brands.

    Infinity is getting a lot of attention in the audio world and is generally valued by both the audio industry and consumer community, as well as auto makers.

    Compare with Other Brands

    There are really two ways to determine whether you are going to like how a particular speaker sounds. The first way is the easiest. Go to your local car audio showroom and listen to a variety of Infinity audio speakers. Then listen to a variety of Polk, JBL, Punch and any other brands available. Don’t be shy, turn the volume up past what you will normal listen to it at. Bring your favorite CD. Infinity component speakers are some of the highest quality speakers available, so they should all sound very good to the discerning ear. The other way to determine how they sound is to listen to a set that are already installed in a vehicle.

    Find a Guide for Your Vehicle

    This is very important if you don’t want to cut anything or aren’t planning on having some sort of enclosure. Keep in mind door panels are usually made to handle up to a 6-inch speaker and dash panels. A 4-inch and rear decks (under the back window) will usually handle two 6-inch by-9 inch and maybe two 4-inch speakers in the center. One inch tweeters or super tweeters, can be tucked into the upper or lower corners of your dashboard, while two inch tweeters can actually fit into headrests. If you don’t mind a little cutting, you can find a set that will mount to your door panels and be directional.

    Determine What You Want to Emphasize

    If you like to feel the bass drum kicks in your gut, then you’re going to need some sort of ported enclosure with subwoofers. If you like to hear the tinkling of the bells and the quietest of cymbal brushes, then you want to make sure you have some high quality super tweeters. Remember that high frequencies are unidirectional. So you’re going to have to have tweeters or super tweeters that you can point at yourself and your front seat passenger for optimal hearing. Bass frequencies are omni-directional.

    Compatibility & Price

    Simply stated, you have to be sure what you end up choosing fits in your budget. You also have to make sure what you end up choosing works with what it will be used with or in. You should check out an Infinity car review or sites such as Crutchfield.

    You need to check things like speaker and amplifier impedance, as well as power ratings. If you have an amplifier that produces 100 watts of RMS power through a 4-ohm load, it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy a set of Infinity car speakers that only handle 50 watts at 8 ohms. Also, if you plan to buy a set of Infinity component speakers for your car audio system, you will need something called a crossover to direct the proper frequency levels to the right speakers.

    Car Company Use

    The Hyundai-Kia auto group uses Infinity for all of its factory direct audio, according to industry sources. The brand is also popular in Chrysler vehicles and in some Mitsubishi models for sound system solutions in new cars just off of the production line.

    Selecting the right set of Infinity audio speakers for your car audio system can be an entertaining and enjoyable experience if you keep some basic ideas in mind. Be sure to do some further research before you make your purchase.