• How To Compare Different Car Subwoofer Speakers

    Adding some car subwoofer speakers to your vehicle is the best way to get more boom from your music. However, like nearly everything in the vehicle aftermarket world, one size does not fit all. When shopping for subwoofers, you should consider a few different qualities like size, enclosure type, and power.

    The most basic thing to consider when shopping for a subwoofer is its size. This can range anywhere from standard 8 inch woofers, to the larger 12 and 15 inch, all the way up to massive 22 inch competition subwoofers. Size is a limiting factor in all car audio applications, and subwoofers are no exception. Measure the width and depth of your trunk to see how many subwoofers you can fit, and how much trunk space they will take up. Clean sound is nice, but trunk space is too, so plan accordingly.

    After you determine what size subwoofers your vehicle can hold (practically, of course), the next step in the process is figuring out what kind of enclosure you want. Enclosures can drastically alter the sound of a subwoofer, so before you decide, try and listen to a few different options to see which best suits your preferences. If you have a smaller car, there are longer tube-like enclosures that can help in space saving, without affecting the sound much, if at all. There are also individual subwoofer boxes that come pre-made that are good for simple applications. Then, at the top of the audio charts there are one-off custom boxes designed just for your car, but keep in mind these can get expensive.

    Lastly, you need to choose a subwoofer that has enough power to give you what you want, but one that your car can handle. If your car has a factory amplifier, read the power ratings on it to make sure it is sufficient to power your new woofers. If it isn’t, you may need to buy an aftermarket amp (or two in some cases) to get the cleanest sound from your subwoofers, which will also increase their life.

    Car audio can be a great way to personalize your ride in a subtle way, so have fun with it and pick what you would enjoy having in your car.