• Choosing the Right 5-inch Car Speaker

    When choosing the right 5-inch car speaker, it’s important to make sure that the sound quality is good. Loudness has nothing to do with the sound quality, so it’s important to look into the specifications. Listen to the 5-inch car speaker in person and try to identify any static or undesirable noise in the sound quality.


    You must also make sure that the pricing is within your budget and that you can do the required installation. You must be able to do the proper tuning in order to get the most out of your 5-inch car speakers car speakers subwoofers.

    The brand you chose is also important. They usually tie into each other, as you get what you pay for. If you want a very well-known brand of 5-inch car speakers for a reasonable price, choose the following producers and brands of car stereos: Alpine car speakers, Sony car speakers and Pioneer car speakers. They all have great, modern designs that can go great with any existing car audio system.


    5-inch car speakers are more popular today due to convenience and ease of fit within the door panel and dash of most cars. Car speaker manufacturers are now including the 5-inch car speaker into their catalogues to provide the consumer with a full selection aftermarket car speakers to choose from.

    More affordable brands have lower budget construction but still are great quality speakers. These include Clif Designs speakers and Soundstream car speakers. They provide great sound quality, despite being lesser known brands. They have easy installations and great sound control.


    Depending on your needs, frequency response may be important. You want to get the lowest bass sound possible, as well as high-pitched and loud noises, for most music that is played through your speakers. If the music has a lot of bass, it’s a good idea to pick a speaker with a better frequency range. Make sure you compare ranges of frequencies to find what suits you. Some common sizes of car speakers available in today’s market include 3.5, 4, 5 and 6.5-inch speakers.

    With the aid of an amplifier, sub-woofers are also available in 5-inch sizes to further benefit the lower bass tones.


    5-inch car speakers vary in name but there are quite a few similarities. Different brands provide coaxial speakers which include a woofer for the lower notes and a tweeter inside the woofer for the higher notes. This type is the most popular among consumers and manufacturers. They are considerably cheaper than the component type of 5-inch speaker that includes two tweeters, two woofers and two external crossovers. Crossovers tell the different frequencies received whether to go through the tweeter or woofer. Soundstream car speakers are noted for their ability to provide a coaxial speaker at a competitive rate while having exceptional sound quality.


    Although a 5-inch car speaker is typically part of the mid-range family, it can really pack a punch. Keep an eye out for decibels if loudness is your top priority. A typical car speaker outputs about 80dB. Be careful, as anything over 90dB will usually cause distortion and static. This excessive decibel use in a speaker not equipped for it can cause damage. Soundstream offers some of their car speakers up to 94 dB, so you can be assured that the speakers can handle turning up your radio better than the typical 5-incher.

    You will most likely need to buy an amplifier for your 5-inch car speaker. Make sure your desired speaker is compatible with the amplifier you can buy. It will work without an amplifier but the quality and potential of your smaller 5-inch speaker will suffer.

    While there are many more features to look into when shopping for car speakers, knowing that the 5-inch car speaker is available and priced to please everyone’s pocket should at least take you one step closer to making the final decision.