• Choosing the Best Turbo Car Parts and Building Your Own Kit

    Whether your car was originally equipped with a turbo, or you are considering adding one, finding the best turbo car parts is not difficult if you take the time to evaluate your needs. There are many components used in a turbo system and each serves a different function. A turbo, is an exhaust driven air compressor that produces power by forcing extra air into your engine, and is combined with other components to make a complete system.

    If you are going add a turbo that is not already equipped, the task is a bit more complicated. The best approach in this case is to try and locate a complete kit that is designed for your specific car. Most turbo kits come with everything necessary for proper installation. If you choose to assemble your own system, be prepared to do a lot of research. The most important decision you will need to make is how much horsepower you would like to produce.

    At a basic minimum, most kits will need an intercooler, intercooler piping to direct the air to the turbo, along with the proper intake and exhaust manifolds. The need for other add-ons such as upgraded fuel pumps and larger fuel injectors may vary depending on the vehicle. You will also need to make provisions for oil supply to the turbo and, in many cases, coolant supply.

    Follow the steps below as we teach you how to choose the right turbo performance parts for your needs:

    The first and most important factor to consider when turbocharging any vehicle is the power goal. Fitting too large of a turbo to a small engine will create a small power band, which can make the vehicle much less fun to drive in the typical day to day environment. Conversely, fitting a turbo that is too small may result in either a want for more power, or a car that seems to run out of steam at high RPM.

    One of the better books on the topic, “maximum boost” will give anyone interested in the subject an excellent overview of what makes turbo kits tick. While it may not break down every part needed for every car, it offers a wonderfully clear picture of what is required to create an efficient yet reliable setup.

    The most complicated part of designing your own system is selecting the turbocharger. Proper turbocharger sizing is critical in determining your engine’s performance characteristics. For this step, you should learn how to understand a turbocharger compressor map. A detailed discussion of this and other information on related components can be found on the Garrett website. Garrett is one of the world’s leading turbocharger manufacturers.

    When it comes to sourcing the turbo parts needed for a full kit, there are two very different schools of thought. Some users enjoy the task of piecing together their own custom parts, while others prefer to purchase a pre-assembled kit. While they are not available for every vehicle, these kits often come with all of the included hardware, software and performance components needed to turn a factory stock car into a ready-to-use turbocharged driver.

    For modest power gains, a stock engine in good mechanical condition is sufficient as a starting basis. As you move up the scale toward increased power, internal engine modifications will be required. High strength connecting rods and forged pistons, along with related crankshaft and engine block modifications will be needed to endure the higher cylinder pressures generated.

    While turbo parts can be expensive, the power gains your car can achieve by choosing the proper parts can make them a worthwhile investment. Be sure to make your selections carefully, budget appropriately, and have realistic expectations. Also, prepare to consult an expert when the time comes to install your turbo parts—it is a time consuming and complicated procedure.