• How to Choose a Sports Steering Wheel

    Installing a sports steering wheel can be the final touch when upgrading a standard car to a high performance vehicle. For car owners looking to improve the feel and handing of their performance or luxury vehicle, there are a few important key points to know before buying a new steering wheel.


    Steering wheels for sports cars are usually made of leather. Leather steering wheels are actually steering wheel covers that are designed to fit over the steering wheel. Leather steering wheels are available from most aftermarket high performance retailers. Other types of construction for sports steering wheel include a combination of leather and titanium or steel.

    Car Model

    One of the keys to finding the right sports steering wheel for your car is to make sure that you purchase a steering wheel that is designed to fit your vehicle. Not all steering wheels fit all cars, although there are universal steering wheels available. However, the best high performance steering wheels are designed specifically for your particular vehicle.

    You will also need to know the steering wheel measurement of your car model. This measurement is the length across the widest part of your steering wheel and the circumference (measurement around) of the thickest part of the wheel grip.

    Once you know these two measurements, you can begin to look for a sports steering wheel that meets your requirements for comfort, grip and styling. The best sport steering wheels are covered with high quality leather and improve the handling and feel of your high performance sports car.