• How to Adjust Your Car Subwoofer Audio for Perfect Equalization

    When choosing subwoofer audio for your car, there are a lot of things you need to look at. Obviously you want the highest quality equipment that you can afford and the biggest boom for your dollar. You have come to the right place to learn all about it.

    Step 1: Space for the Subwoofers to be Installed

    This is a big one. You need to know that area in your car where you have disposable room. Subwoofer audio can take up a lot of room, and the more you want them to do, the more room you need.

    Decide what size subwoofers you can fit in the space you have.

    Step 2: Look at Designs for Subwoofer Enclosures

    Go to the stores in your local area and look at subwoofer enclosures to decide if you are going to install a prebuilt enclosure, or if you need a custom enclosure built for your subwoofers. Subwoofer audio can be fun to put in your car, and it can make your car sound like a concert hall, but it needs to be done right.

    Step 3: Look at Subwoofer Audio Specs

    This is where you begin the shopping process for the subwoofer audio products. You should look at different sizes, and shapes of subwoofers because you are trying to squeeze the most out of the space you have, and the money that you have to spend.

    You should also look at the wattage that the subwoofers can handle. This is one of the big ones when choosing subwoofer audio for your car. A watt is a quantity of electrical energy per second.

    It simply states how much power the subwoofer audio can handle. This is very important to know when you are matching components for use together.

    Step 4: Look at Specs on the Amplifiers  

    Now you need to match an amplifier to the subwoofer audio, and you do this by matching the watts that the amp will deliver, against the watts that the subwoofers will handle. You want the amplifier to put out just a little less than the subwoofer audio will handle.

    This is one of the important steps in the process of deciding on the right subwoofer audio for your car. You really need to get these things right the first time out.

    Step 5: Look at Subwoofer Cabling and Accessories 

    This is one of those areas where you can save a little money if you need to. Subwoofer cable comes in a lot of different sizes, and it’s best to try to afford the heaviest gauge of cable that you can. Subwoofer audio will perform better when you use a thicker gauge cable.

    Step 6: Install Subwoofer

    Now install the subwoofer and connect it to the amplifier. This is very important to get the right sound.

    Step 7: Tweaking

    With that done, the process of tweaking the subwoofers starts. First, set all levels to neutral. Then start with bass settings. Adjust the bass setting by reducing or increasing the bass. Next, adjust the treble settings. Once done, move on to the mid-settings and adjust them.

    With that done, you will come to a perfect equalization of your choice.